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Casino. A city council committee is set to green light, one of two proposals that will change the face of fiesta island. One plan adds a few trails and keeps the popular San Diego hang out, as it is. But the other plan would put a road through the area used as a dog park and add a campground, hiking trails, and a boat launch all cutting into space used by dog owners news aids Kelly Hessel has more play would make it smaller by a couple of miles to make room for a new road and dedicated launching area for non motorized votes organizations like team survivor, a nonprofit pedal group said the boat launch is necessary. It needs to be in that area because the water it's a five mile per hour water speed, and it would be the best location. Nobody in the paddling committee wants to not have a dog park, we want that, but we need to share the resources together. The committee takes up the issue this afternoon. A man accused of allegedly raping. Torturing a woman in Rancho pin -squitoes is due in court today. Thirty two year old Siad Kabuli is scheduled to appear for his arraignment, investigators say, Kabali kidnapped victim before sexually assaulting her county jail record show. He's booked on suspicion of twenty felonies including forcible, rape false, imprisonment and torture. He's being held on five point four million dollars bail. With one million new cases of congestive heart failure diagnosed each year, a revolutionary product could make it easier for hospitals to monitor patients with the condition in the comfort of their own homes. CBS news piper has the story. It's a groundbreaking toilet seat. They can also monitor the cardiac Tiffany of the person who's sitting there and predict congestive heart failure engineers at the Rochester institute of technology say, the seat reads, heart health to see a person's electrical activity, their heart rate, and the volume of blood flowing through their heart. It takes a minute at a half of skin contact for the seat to get an accurate. Eating and then alert your doctor the seat his awaiting, FDA approval and could be on the market by twenty twenty two Matt piper CBS,.

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