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I don't think it was that great a leap because my training as a as a player performer To be fair. I don't think i was ever very you've said so. You said yeah. I think i was ever very good or exceptional jazz specifically and classical. You know to be very good and exceptional is just you know you can memorize leave stuff. And so whether i was good at that or not doesn't really matter to me anymore but as a human person as like a year also still just like a person who hung out with friends who also had music taste and put me onto stuff and we would kind of like discover. Our musical tastes together. So yeah like you know listening to a lot of like hip hop in particular in the two thousand which i- i maintain as kind of like the wildest and i think most eclectic in a eclectic coming out of a very linear progression at that time. But i i think hip hop in the two thousands kind of occupied. That space of like anything can happen for the first time ever. Everyone sort of realize anything can happen in rap music and that would have been about the time i i got interested in in. Just what production is i didn't. I don't think i really knew what a producer was. Or what producers did but. I was fascinated by their work. So yola growing up listening to the neptune's who basically had a hit a hit on the radio every week of the year Timberland swizz beatz to a much lesser extent. But then like even a later after that like connie coming up right like all of these very distinct producers who had their own sound and you could recognize them by the work that they did in the way that they made beats no matter who was on those beat and so yeah later on. When i would eventually sort of figure out what production was how to do it how to get into it..

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