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Many of them could not have been done. Most of them could not have been done if they weren't done as partnerships. So if it wasn't for a group of people being educated light mindedly to where they all understand the investment in a business. They're not working in the business. It's not a job. They're investing in a business. It is an ongoing concern that has a product that's pretty hard to outdated self because think about it for just a second. Whether they get invent away for us, get vaporize ourself to go to bed at night and sleep. We have to have a place to lay our head down at night to eat our dinners etcetera etcetera. So until they vaporize ation we have housing now with the vapors Asian guess what I'm gonna invest investment vapors -ation, right? But until then. Housing has been around forever and probably will be around for a lot longer. Okay. So here it is the guy Shane del. You could steal all the deals. No. I couldn't steal all the deals because if I didn't have a group of like minded people, we wouldn't have enough money to go out and do all the deals now. The next point he's making is once we teach all these people all over the world how to do this. There's not going to be enough deals now. Here's a reality. I've been doing this and Houston Texas for thirty years, and we're still doing deals at a higher rate than we've ever done that before. So that part is a lot. We went to Dallas we've been doing it there for fifteen years still doing deals at a faster rate than ever before San Antonio Austin the same thing. But now what you have to understand is for twenty six years in Houston. I've had lifestyles we still haven't even touched the market. We haven't put a dent in the Mark win scratched the edge of the market because there's so. Many apartment complexes. There's like three thousand apartment complexes in Houston three thousand dollars three thousand San Antonio. And Austin, and that's only just taxes. That's not counting Midland. Not counting the nine we own down in Corpus Christi et cetera et cetera. So here's a point when we expand to a new area like Atlanta where we're going. That whole city has.

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