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And then just throw Applebee's in there and thing I'm not not notice it, you got an agenda. You gotta bias. Can you can't start talking about the great quarterbacks of all time and say Brady in Montana and Elway and Marino Aikman? Jimmy garoppolo. The own favor. Kevin durant? You did this for reason? Because you know, the m j thing. Kind of gets in LeBron's had an kyri take LeBron off in a lot of people. Kobe fans don't like LeBron. You did this for a reason? This was not a coincidence. We know Kevin Durant while you're doing this because you thought as the number two player in the world when you went to Golden State and started winning titles. That would elevate you over LeBrun, and it hasn't LeBron still is the lead story on my show and skip show in any debate showing America that talked to NBA LeBron still the king, and you're just really talented. That's that's your identity. You're not even the most important guy in your own team. We know that through statistics wins and losses in analytics when steps gone warriors are average when you're gone. They're still great, listen, I've said this for years magic and bird save the NBA MJ made it global and LeBron made it mobile when you left teams years ago, you were considered disloyal week. Now, if you don't go to a better team, your money grabber winning doesn't matter. You're a diva your week, you're afraid. Kevin Durant doesn't leave Oklahoma City unless LeBron left I for Miami. And took all the Aero's and took all the heat. Lebron's always going to be a bigger deal than Kevin Durant Kevin's chasing ghosts. He'll never be better than LeBron. He'll never be as relevant as LeBron. He'll never be talked about like LeBron. On LeBron leaves teams, they disintegrate. Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City to the second best team in the west right now Golden State one before him if he left they put boogieing they went after him. It's bothering him first. Lebron was toxic. Now, you're mentioning great players. And you're putting kyri in there. Come on. Kevin. It bothers you just admit it. Let me shift to football. I should I should send a check to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Every year a big check because they fill like five six segments a week ESPN once had to do a year long investigation into New England to get dirt. Pittsburgh gives you dirt about twice a week. They did it again yesterday when New England lost to Miami over the weekend. And it was kind of like controversial. It was embarrassing. Gronk took the heat my fault Brady took the heat my fault. Bella check took the heat. My fault story died. For the third time in about four weeks. The Pittsburgh Steelers. It is now Wednesday are talking about a previous game lost to Oakland as the patriot game is now coming up in a few days. Mike Tomlin yesterday. I swear to God, I should pay the Steelers for all the segments. They give me I don't even have to work for him. I just wake up, and they give me another story. Mike Tomlin paying attention in the rear view mirror to the game. They just lost was asked about Big Ben being healthy and not playing and he got into medical equipment because of the lack of information. We thought that the best thing to do. The most prudent thing to do. With to be only to make been available in a merger. See like situation was exactly what we did in Cincinnati several years ago. The X Ray was not clearly readable clarify what you said after the game that you could have brought them back few series earlier. But we said today that your own seen situations is saying he was cleared a few series earlier decided to use them Burgess situation, again guys, you know, we didn't have a lot of information. So dialogue was a part of the discussion. But obviously this thing has had legs, and it has grown and we want to minimize the senseless distractions. So I'm being very transparent with you in terms of what transpired how and why it's Wednesday..

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