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A hacker though. Yeah. That show is Charlie Brooker or warning everyone about me. Speaking of hackers though, there is like in the beginning with the montage of all the quick cuts like the school it shows a classroom and one of the signs there's like a sign hanging up in the classroom. And it says hackers will be expelled has anyone noticed that? Yeah. It's go back arches. Archie persecuted. Okay. So Benz, we meet five students. They have detention for nine hours is that normal. Did anyone have anything like this at their school? You just have to spend a feature length amount of time with people know, it's like Lord of the like all day Lord of the rings movies worth of time. Yeah. I feel like that's asking for someone to get beat up. Like if you leave five teenagers in a room together for nine hours someone's going to get hurt. That's just how teens work. So the five students we are. Claire the Princess Molly ringwald, she's like the rich popular girl. Type. We've got Andy Clarke, the athletes, that's Amelia, Estevez's character. Yeah. He does cry. They all cry. I think Brian AK the brain. They may anagram am. I right. And they might go hall does not rape anyone in this. John Hughes movie. So that's good. Scene. Six handles get very different anti my actually, you kinda get the same character. But a rapist true wild, Alison Reynolds is the basket case that's ally. Sheedy Sheedy's character. She's not like the other girls true. And finally benders the criminal. Let's Judd Nelson's character. He's twenty six years old twenty six in this movie kissing a sixteen year old Molly ringwald and just a behind the scenes fact that I found freaky like a lot of male actors choose because they won't get in trouble. If they do Judd Nelson was like, I think I'm gonna go method with this and just bullied Molly ringwald for the entirety of the movie. He's ten years older than her offset. Right offset and John Hughes at one point tried to fire him and then all the teens were like, no it was it. I don't I can't Keser tales of that. But it's true anytime a mandate, he going method. He just wants to yell at someone like, that's right, literally what it is. Also, we talked in the car on the way up here that the members of the breakfast club are all also sort of the Spice Girls. Break this down. Okay. Sporty spice, obviously, a million Estevez. Yeah. Yeah. Scary spice is Judd Nelson. I see this is this is where we don't. Okay. All right. Let me make a case for this grunts Jesus. San francisco. We thought that. Posh is Molly ringwald. Can we agree with that baby? We said was Anthony Michael hall because he's innocent and blonde. A flesh colored head and hair person. Underwear? That would make ginger alley CDs character, I it's not a one to one match, but we've got a solid three out of five. But then also ginger is Molly, Molly ringwald is gingery based on hair-color alone started to reduce taking their hair, we're taking her whole here. Anyway, let's move on. We've got Richard Vernon. He's the teacher physios cares after assistant principal who are in their often. I like that's like a stock. Character of like, the put upon assistant principal isn't captain underpants and assistant principal or was he the principal. I think he was the assistant principal anyway says scholarly observation. And he's like this disciplinarian. He's like you guys. Can't talk can't move, blah, blah, blah. And I have to write an essay about who. They think they are. Then bender the tough guy. He's trying to get a rise out of everybody. He's like you're a nerd and everyone's like, well, you're a jock. And then they're all just hate each other show their labels because teens, but they mostly ignore the, quote, unquote, basket case girl, and then she doesn't talk for most of the movie, then we see a montage. All the stuff. Take out the dancing montages as movies thirty five minutes long. Lada dancing verses a shot where Anthony Michael hall's character is like adjusting his crotch and then like puts his hat on his lap..

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