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A wind machine. Tropical storms must bow before. But those who don't. Spanish for. Times guys. Hey, do you wanna hear what Rolling Stone is some of the predictions for the Grammy awards record of the year? It looks like the experts are picking God's plan by Drake. However. Vegas is favoring this is America by childish Gambino, America. What a great song. I love that song so much in the video bookies are usually right. That's what Rolling Stone is saying they're saying that. Yup. Bookies are usually right. So that will probably take record of the year for new artist. Yeah. We've got a Greta van fleet H E R. I think that's how you say it do a leap on Margot price. BB wreksa. Better. Birth. Georgia smith. Their experts are picking Duleep button. Duleep? Let's see Vegas favoring HR is that how you say. We don't know her. Nobody knows her and then for album of the year experts are picking Casey musk graves, it looks like the everybody's loving that album Vegas is also favoring it, however, then they say who will win. They say Black Panther. Album by. Wait by Kendrick Lamar. Various artists soundtrack. Yes. And kendrick. Lamar had one of the featured songs. That's what Rolling Stone is saying coming up in the eleven o'clock hour, we'll tell you what some of the other predictions are from other sources when we come back, though, we're going to put some people in time out. A safe place. Generally, speaking place, where a fight wouldn't break out is where a fight broke out. And you won't believe what it was over or frankly age demographic involved. Right. Slamma? Yeah. Next. Let's say together..

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