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Is and at the month of may is packed with a unbelievable cards and honestly the boy the holland fight that kind of fixes everything because if we don't see that fight and that card kinda i mean it's really just in a matter. Today's tommy neighbor. I'm going to bet. But but i i guess you know we can end the show with the eric lewis lanes. He's got the heavyweight title. Shot on jones is out of the picture there waiting on a date. What do you think of that run. I love it. I love it. I love it because we even said it. We've called it. We've said that the lewis is next for the title shot. Yeah that's the weird thing about jones to is. He actually cut ties with malki colin front row management after so many years of just you know what i mean the coward brothers and all the relationship that they've had over the years then. Oddly enough fans people are calling for an hour than ali abdallah. Sleaze go ahead in the fight for. Don't maybe become the new manager. Say i bet. I bet a nice thing new man i knew shooters. I saw that he could key title. Like those are gonna come in snatch him out and ben signed him under his only say sleaze because it's called becoming jannine. Kobe like start shit. And it's pretty hilarious. Got a nickname for everybody. I get a kick out of that. So i don't know man i guess abe and malki kawa couldn't get the job done with dana white and the brass so the thirty million dollar price tag. Whatever you put. That should definitely not happening. They're gonna pay. Derek lewis eight million eight ten eric. Lewis probably made more money than john jones in his career. And he's gonna make pretty damn big payday going there and shit. He has a shot to win it. To as shitty as the first fight will have to run it back. And now it's the high stakes heavyweight title of the world so levin man kicked it on the show mature versus in ghana. Whatever it is soon in god who was back in cameroon. Anna welcome like a hero and a keen off video. The amazing justice seed. It's it's so freaking awesome to see where where he's from and the way everybody just sees him as a king and he emma's akina asset dawson one hundred percent. So that's that's props on jonnu. I remember saying he knew he had eight years ago when he first heard about the guy. Come in there with his braids to have braids. And i mean in there. You know what i mean. Just knock in had. But he's a very well rounded guy now and one of the most dangerous guys and there's fights with their louis despite with john jones and even the trilogy was steep. Bay steve as even saying he might. You know bulk up and tennessee. They'll be that match up in the future. So but good on you francis you are the king and cannot wait for you and the houston madman. Eric michigan that's going to happen soon and we're going to see a better improves. The derek lewis man you know his training and his diet is cardio has been phenomenal Again i don't think we're gonna see the the the by before no way no way that we're gonna see that biting anywhere it's gonna be award. Somebody's gonna get knocked out that ad. Derek lewis said. He probably thinks he can knock him out in the first exchange. So i'd love to see that if i play out john jones Out of the pitcher man so exciting to come back. I mean john. Blackledge has got a glove to share a lineup. So whatever you decide to do. John could probably go back to two five. But as much weight as he's gained all his body builders shit that's going on Like i mentioned before we won't see don jones fight until the end of the year possibly like new year's christmas time if he does fight again yes sir. I think that's all your list drink. Yeah big other than that. It's a mike. Tyson vs lewis going on what's happening dude. Boxy has become a circus. I mean crazy began on the show next week. Big time. five. With mr canal alvarez and billy joe saunders so very cheap by that fight and that's like always speaking of boxing this weekend and you refraining. He's fighting eddie. Ola best is going to be a fucking bad as bikes any reason and he looks. You look dangerous is a lottery is packed on some muscle. This guide looks. Looks ready bro. I think you're listening ill power. This is a fight that nobody should be missing even though it's going to be in the same night as ufc. If there's a boxing match on that night that the that you need to watch it standard res versus ideally andy. Reid man stopped eating tamales and tortillas. So that's done by nami. Couldn't remember his name. 'cause we're talking touching on boxing iran garcia. But we did mentioned that. The release fight was taking place on saturday. So i will be watching and looking more dina slimmer ruis after man because we know what he's capable of not in good shape man. He became heavyweight champion championship. Yeah man yeah it's gonna be good can be good if y'all don't know go to to andy racist i g and you can see his transition from the heavy weight with no muscle to the heavyweight with muscle and how he just looks in shape bro. I mean it's it's a whole different Andy that we're going to be watching tomorrow. Night looking forward to a man We've been spoiled all week. Combat sports fans all the way up until saturday so we can't pack all the breakdowns of every single card in an hour and thirty minutes best and yes feels good to be back after two weeks Being at the game but next week hopefully we're all back in full force the four horsemen know. I mean holy shit downs but yeah definitely a good good to be back on here with you. Robin We're geared up for nice. Fight night this weekend and she kind of breaking full after friday after shattered is always something right. Yes sir the agenda show If young not are in our facebook group look up by book. Immi look us up on there. You can like our page but join our group really does the who you got for. Every single fights it gets pop in In the chat that You know that the rudy does So if you guys wanna talk and talk to you guys and gals that Notre shit gonna fight book at him and others a lot of groups out there And i'm in a bunch of lump to ammunition that knocking on their on their on their facebook group but If you wanna do the who you got that really does go to facebook to me. It's a lot of fun up h k. h. Everybody that the supports us. And the you know that we support go to fox hound. Get all your feel your supplements do our discount code f. b. ama in all caps and you'll get a nice little discount on ural supplements from welcome to facebook dot com roll down. Just see their logo. Click on it directly to their store. Get their shit frigging awesome. I love it. I use it all the time. When i go to the gym abusing it.

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