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New York for the one hundred and I d champion show your, your host Alex, gold and Jake s but. All right. We continue here from bet. Cage black Long Island. New York baby ten minutes from where I grew up. He's Alex gold I am shake been we're with you for twenty minutes and we'll be back tomorrow. Same time for to seven eastern as we will probably see Brooks. Kepco wrap-up, another major win the way this is headed. He is the leader now at twelve under even for today. But that's all he has to stay even again tomorrow. And he's gonna win the thing especially after Dustin Johnson, who was playing himself into that final parent with KEPCO tomorrow. He bogeyed hole number eighteen so KEPCO fell down to five under finished one hundred for the day Phil or Johnston fell onto five unders Justin Johnson is now tied for second with smooth jazz herald, Varda, and Luke list all five hundred there. So it's been an up and down leaderboard really tight outside of everyone Brooks KEPCO, who is firmly in first play. Alice seven strokes ahead of everybody else, where this kind of just kind of waiting here, so that trophy, the Wanamaker trophy handed to him tomorrow evening. And that's that's to me. All that is at stake as far as the top of the leaderboard. Yeah, we wanna see how finish off tournament. I certainly do and fortunately today is to over and three hundred for the tournament, I wanna see if he can have maybe a one or two hundred eight tomorrow, just to get a top ten finish potentially which is what he still is in line for his eighth right now. It's been a long time since speed is finished top ten let alone top ten and a major in so, yeah, I, you know, there's some people that don't like the speech, but I'm kind of a fan of his, and I think golf is a whole is better when George speeches around because, as you know, Connor brought up thorn speech was the guy we were talking about, you know, two years ago as being that guy that we're going to start looking up to that. While in ROY, Royal bounceback as well. But Jordan speed has been a little bit longer, and I think will more concerning for him to, to figure out him. And we talked Charlie apps, of course, hosted the Charlie call our here on ESPN radio show. I do with him the Saturday morning. We did it this morning. And he continued to speech just the biggest change that he has to deal with his, his body from a couple of years is if you go and look when he was winning majors his way bigger now than what he wants was. And so the challenge of adjusting, there's, there's a big adjustment to that when, when you decide to hit the gym versus just being being maybe more of that kind of Linke kid that's out there, which is when you had success. So he's kind of had to adjust things and I do think he's on the right track. But it would go along way based on the weekends. He he has had the last calendar year if he can avoid, you know, today, if you could just keep it at plus to the way, it's gonna could've been worse, but he's not gonna be happy with that, but he didn't blow up because he's had some Saturdays or Sundays, where he put, plus fours or plus five out there really. Struggle. Yeah. He he's been up. Now today. He's had some good moments. He a coupla awhile back birdies on the back nine and he was starting to play into the mix once again, but, you know, the thing that your speech this, you know, can take some positives out of his performance this weekend, finishes, strong tomorrow, going into the US one before we that's the beginning of the day. How big of a day today was for speed, and yes, it's not it's not great what if tomorrow, he's, he's able to just in kind of hang around in play, even goal for the most part. I think he's going to be happy with what is performance was. He had a very difficult difficult quarter him and started to see the putting comeback that he that he's had the last couple of weeks, Byron Nelson last week. And that's why he felt confident to last week. It was I think he finished twenty six twenty third at the Byron Nelson, but maybe got a little bit of all men on. But it's all been Brooks kept us seven scroll leaders, they're about to wrap up on eighteen kept his world. And we are all just living in it as. He's going for his good major win. Eight majors played in is definitely good to be Brooks. Kept running. Kids are to be Brooks coming up if this is a very popular of names how this for a segue allergy Preakness is coming up in about four minutes. So when I thought would be fun, is that I'm gonna play a wager on one of these horses. But we're gonna do this together. We're gonna go through the names of the horses. I'm gonna tell you the arts it just the name that we like the best is the name, we're going to gamble on at the Preakness basically lost all the buzz because the winner of the derby been running people don't even know what's going on today, Jack. Yeah. So we're going to educate the people we're gonna if you're listening. There's a for minutes here we got. All right. War of will name. Number one name number two bourbon war. I kinda like that name number three warriors charge may number four in problem, name number five Owen down name number six market. King name number seven always mining name, number eight signalman may. Name number nine bowed express name number ten ever fast name number eleven how many names Lamping, there were twenty in the dirt. Main number twelve another twist of fate, and it's all one word just for those who are keeping score at home and number thirteen named thirteen win win win Alex. What is your favorite name at of the names in the practicing the name that involves alcohol is nice for me bourbon, Warren? I'm not a huge bourbon guy. So I'm not. I don't wanna go with that horse. We're just going off Dame's. Gimme war of will do a name. Will you haven't pick the favorite at seven one? I have four to one here. I don't know this. I wanted to win move that this is from the action network. And this was posted. Well, the odds of change. Well, there you go. Maybe that's why we pick war will war. Well, I kind of like improbable at five to that. That's the favorite. Oh, is that your favorite their problems? The favorite here. I guess we'll have to look it up on the probably is favorite on yours as well. Are they five better thing about five to two favorite? Yeah. Find it's not it's five two. That's you. Yeah. I'll take your word for so improbable at five the two is that we get we've been in the favorite here. Don't we both stashed in the of course, we're putting we're gonna put a going to we lose expensive to gal media. Beats actually is back in Houston will take care of. And I think that's, that's why we pay you got it. It's done. What's your favorite name out of the names, that just read off from the practic- you a market king guy vote express? Another twist of fate win win win win win win win. It's a great name. Here's my issue with that name, you really think the owners like hey win win win or win win it just no one's gonna call it. And you think they go up in bourbon war because that's, that's any herbs Burr with somewhere doing. I'm not so sure I don't know. But they're getting ready to start the race. They are we actually actually not to go too far down the route in, we're having fun, of course, with horsemen, but I guess there's some talk, this could be the last Preakness at this site where they moving it. That's the big debate. Now they're gonna move the I don't even know the hope is, they'll keep it in Maryland. I was on a done deal by the chance to move away from Pimlico. Right. Macos. There's a chance that they can move it off off this track. There's Bob Baffert with the unbelievable. Harry times a year. We see him on television. It's true. His name. That's how good the best train because when the horse racing his horses usually when I should look that a who's a horse and this, because that's the gamble. Favorites days win the Kentucky Derby. So we're, we're gonna go with very up pretty soon. It's gonna lock you out. I need you. You may not even be able to get this bed in their head into the the starting gate headed as well. So I don't I don't know if you're going to be able to actually get that end. Vix, putting down five hundred dollars here on improbable no war will well, Bill. Okay. The Betson war of will. More ready ready to go war of? Well coming up next. We will wrap up this special broadcast from that page black beside of the one hundred first PGA championship will tell you who wins the Preakness stakes because the realities might be over. We come back replay, they call them past two minutes in sports or the most indicating sports, I think it is regard this last time, it was twenty three minute replay delays. So I don't know if we're going to get that again. But if not, let's hope not exactly. He's outsold Jake as we will continue after this year on SP nation radio calling all sports. Speaking of moneyball, you don't know this, please explain the story. No. You tell the story just because piston Mnuchin. It wasn't my fault. We were supposed to be moneyball rocket I in a couple of guys your locator in Phoenix. We're going to be projected to be like, announcers report of the whole shooting hoagies system church. Join a friend of ours and I used to work for the opening. Yes, we had a little bit about a week prior to them starting to shoot out here in Arizona. They sit guys time out, they're going to good refund the movie cut the local guys out here. We're gonna go back to Hollywood. And get this guy Brad Pitt. We're not in moneyball, which the opportunity, could they are the movie got cut us out, would rather been in the new with Brad Pitt to say housing value. The pitch Stewart has done. Well, we coast. Brad Pitt starred with Brad van calling all sports with rocket Manute, weekday afternoons at five eastern on S nation radio SP nation..

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