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Eglin Air Force base in Florida in twenty fourteen viral video spreading online the shows the driver of a Tesla sleep what with the wheel on a California highway the Jessel was on auto pilot but the side of the driver's side to sleep alarmed fellow motorists on the highways we hear from CBS is Greg bills the drivers of sleep cars on auto pilot and quit Olivier said the card didn't even we his statements lane heading right down the freeway the driver totally oblivious I haven't checked the DMV manual but I'm guessing it's illegal to sleep while driving a car and I am guessing that Tesla does not recommend that you sleep while driving your car Tesla writes on its website auto pilot is intended for use with a fully attended driver who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any time recently there have been several incidents of police having to intrude intervene after tests was of been spotted going down highways with their drivers losing at the wheel when you pull into the driveway tonight make sure you leave your pre set right here on NBC that way as soon as you start your car good morning I'm Jeff brown thank you for getting your day started with us here's what's going on for the day with news traffic and weather updates start your car your day easy Boston's news radio four fifty three on WBZ it is time for traffic and weather together let's begin with a super retailers in New England all wheel drive traffic on the breeze David any problems Wellesley really cleared out slightly go a lot better out there now Mike north of town first a print of one twenty eight south bound slow in the country in Danvers to little street in Peabody and then you're slow from ninety five in people down to the cloverleaf copper and one twenty eight north is in good shape in the pike up to Beverly one southbound jams walnut tree to a central in crash at Essex street in Saugus for ninety five bold ways are okay between Bolton aims very three ninety five and ninety three clear to and from the New Hampshire state line out west of pike eastbound gems of through the proof tunnel to a crash on the ramp for the expressway on the pike westbound is now clear Boston out disturbance for ninety five south heavy sixty two to ninety no issues on two ninety both directions David's attorney WBZ's traffic on the trees traffic and weather together let's check the four day WBZ accu weather forecast cool with the breeze tonight you maybe wanna jacket if you're going out this evening it'll turn out mostly cloudy late tonight a little drizzle late specially along the Cape and south coast parts of the south shore two of sixty one a downtown Boston tonight and tomorrow we stay breezy and cruel have clouds and perhaps afternoon breaks of sun more the way of some doors once again we'll be dealing with some drizzle specially off to the south Cape particularly I smile sixty six to seventy some areas north little more variable clouds tomorrow night fog late below fifty seven bargain clouds start Monday then some afternoon sun with high seventy two for Tuesday it'll be nice with a mix of clouds and sun and high of seventy four I'm accu weather meteorologist Frank straight WBZ Boston news radio right now sunshine to temperature of seventy degrees in Boston up on the north shore seventy one in Gloucester likewise in Peabody Methuen raking in with seventy three degrees four fifty five on WBZ.

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