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You realize that whoever's on the court has not played significant minutes with the stars with kevin durant with with steph steph and you could see shaun livingston in the in the last plate sean lewiston goes right down the middle and it's in the middle lane now it have if andre ego dollars on the court he goes to the right corner so watch these other players right and watches we get in the critical situations do they know what to do because they haven't been in a lot but klay thompson does know what to do was in and we saw him limping around in that last game so let's see how much he can actually contribute again both iggy and klay thompson listened to questionable for game five all right coming up march larry this here that's all we have to say that's it that's the teas that point you should come back next i personally spurs we are joined now by fox nfl analyst march laura good to see you guys the program it's great things are good good but i wanna know that's what i want to know that you're great thanks for being with us nfl owners unanimously approved a national anthem policy yesterday the policy requires players to stand if they're on the field with the option to stay in the locker room during the anthem teams will be fine if they're players or personnel do not follow the new protocol and fell commissioner roger goodell said quote we want people to be respectful of the national anthem marks laura i'll start with you what he make this new anthem policy i mean again the narrative on on this whole scenario it was never about disrespecting the national anthem or the flag and i listened to your eloquent conversation about sterling brown and i told you in the hallway i have never one time in my in my life thought about telling my kids what to do in case they were pulled over because there is a difference.

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