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Yes for you to actually feel the balance of real life. Yeah. Now when you enter the real world, and you feel the real balance shit starts to make a little bit more sense. And you're like, oh, do you all know until you actually get out there, and you won't see just grind? Yeah. You just gotta do. But for sure. Coming from humble beginnings can be so helpful. I think it's one of the many gifts of being from humble beginnings. Is that it keeps you humble? And it gives you perspective that other people people who come from better circumstances village wealthy. I don't even like that phrasing that I just used better circumstances have nothing to do with it. Everybody circumstances. Are there circumstances for reason? Right. Yeah. I don't think being rich is preferable to being poor or poorest preferable to being rich. I think it depends entirely on how you handle the situation, and what you make of your own life. Yeah. I'm gonna stop before. I take over your entire segment but continue so let's continue. So that that's the part about excuse me. That's the part about being humble, okay? So being fearless. We'll continue with the story of the movie also because this kind of progressive I make each point so being fearless Jimmy is an aspiring rapper. Right. Right. The whole movies about his trying to make it big as a rapper. And he goes by the rap Ilias be rabbit. Right. That's that's like his nickname Sulaiman's thing about him. Yeah. I never I never understood the bunny rabbit, or whatever, I get family nickname. What it is be rabbit rabbit rabbit have to assume, but be rabid. I wanna -ssume that. That's not the reason behind that. It's not good. No matter what. Yeah. So dream is to to alternately turn his his wrap aspirations into a lucrative career wanted to blow. Yeah. He wants to get out of eight mile doesn't want to live in that situation anymore wants to get about the trailer park. So when he's not working he takes part in rap battles at a local venue called the shelter. Oh, yeah. Yes was like a really run down beat up like a warehouse warehouse and guys just in there. Just freestyle battle rapping against each other's bars. Flying's bar for bar. You know, so one of the one of the first scenes one of the first battle rap scenes. We see be rabid on excuse me on stage, and he's clearly struggling rapper..

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