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One of James Whitey Bulger's victims says she'd like to celebrate the crime bosses death with champagne Patricia Donahue, says she and her family are very happy that the man is not here any longer, and they don't ever have to hear his name again. Breaking news. I I this is w SP twenty four hour. Continuing news a local psychiatrist ways in after a week of hate fueled murders and near balmy psychiatrist. Dr David says people who commit hate crimes if likely fostered their belief. For years, they can continue to grow. They can be bolstered by getting into groups that have like minded sentiments, and kind of encourages Priscilla says mixing that with someone pushing another person's fear buttons can be deadly for the most part. It's rare, particularly this type of violence is rare. Doctor says anyone feeling fear or anxiety after a week of hate crimes. Should try talking to people to put it in perspective and seek out a pro if it doesn't go away, Veronica waters WSB? The first college football playoff rankings are out Alabama on top with Clemson LSU and Notre Dame. Rounding out the top four. Georgia comes in at number six with Kentucky at number nine BULLDOGS in Wildcats will face off Saturday in Lexington with the SEC title on the line and an investigation into a deadly condo fire Austell last week has led to arson and felony murder charges. Recovered in text messages from the deceit. It about in previous fire instance, at that location messages off the phone of Sharon Kroft who has rescued too late from an upstairs bedroom that morning. She died the hospital Cobb chief. Fire investigator. Brian Beattie says Richard and Diane Elsner got out. But now these charges against Richard Elsner, his wife the day of the fire said this to channel two action news about the victim later today. And she was like a sister to me investigation is continuing. Edgar Treiguts WSB. WSB news time is eleven oh. To kitchen design secrets presented by platinum kitchens design, take a peek at the calendar. The holidays are coming now. Take a long look at your kitchen. Uh-huh. Is your.

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