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Click the like button, right below Margot. Semen shell. I would totally appreciate it. And then join in the conversation. You can talk about anything you want to try to post a below the shows. But if you put it in the visitors come in section, that's fine too. I read them all and I try and get as many as possibly can on the show. This is a really long show. So I didn't get to every single one in apologize for that. But keep posting and I promise through the off season. We'll get to as many of your comments as a possibly can. So with that being said Facebook dot com slash mode week dot net. Go there post your comments. Let's get down to it the rundown for today's show, we will start with your Facebook comments. And you guys are already looking forward to the two thousand nineteen season. So we'll chat about what you had to say. Plus, I'll tell you everything you need to know about the motor GP dot com. Black Friday deal that's going on right now. I hope it's going to be going on the entire weekend. If I e too late or you listen to the show too late. I'm sorry about it. But right now, you can go to GP dot com and get offseason video pass for one euro, which is a heck of a deal. But there's some other stuff that goes along with it. So stick around I'll tell you everything you need to know. Then we'll do my top buy things from the Valencia GP will dive into some GP news maverick vanilla. Of course, changing numbers for the two thousand eighteen season. If you saw the Valencia test, you already know about that is Casey Stoner coming back to Honda. Oh, he might. But there's one person that absolutely does not want to see that happen. And he might be the only person who can prevent it from happening. So we'll chat about that. And enjoy a mere actually ran a secret motor GP test session that they didn't tell anybody about until after the year was done. I'll tell you why. It was a really smart thing for Suzuki to do that or up up the first half of the show, and we come back from the break. It is all about the Valencia test. The results the fourteen riders within one second of one another for the top of the time sheet. The teams what every single manufacturer brought to the test, and what they were trying to accomplish the top riders who impressed and also the guys who left the session scratching their head. And then my stars of the show for the. She attests. All right. So let's get things started. With your Facebook comments will kick things off with Mick who says, hey, it's only been a few days since the two thousand eighteen season already feeling empty inside. What do I do? Who make I've got the perfect answer. The two thousand eighteen season is the perfect answer. But the kind of perfect answer is keep listening to the show..

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