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Generally uh choice kinda like it wanted algiers sometimes uses um uh the immune systems loubet leica the guards in a bank in of bank robbers come in uh with guns drawn uh there there's a tendency for the uh the guards the bank not to draw their weapons and start shooting because there is a likelihood that you're going to have some innocent bystanders in the fracas we'll as what happens when you get uh a vaccine or an infection is that yeah you're directing your immune response uh in a puffery laserlike fashioned against the intruder but unfortunately this collateral damage in the cloud will damage may be your joints it may be your brain may be your heart uh maybe other parts your body a experience uh at immune onslaught in your so this is you know what you babies thirty six how long as has been going on for and again better in in any it hitting but it won't on prop up and go away now i i i'm only in my life i'm land sharon minor lumberjack i do i'm very big comes six foot three will not way two hundred and 25 pounds the patch so you're a rough tough hombre and ito here's the thing what i said earlier we talking about the flu vaccine there you know you kind of pacer money and you take chances yeming at i told a woman uh this week that she might be a candidate for a flu vaccine 'cause he has very lousy lung function and fewer to get the flu uh she might be really compromise to the point where she didn't up to the hospital uh you know under circus has like that yelm maybe uh is worth the risk l k you feel as if a couple of days but the protection that it affords he is potentially great now i've looked at the statistics and shared a story a wither losers of the beginning of this hour uh which is the prediction that the flu vaccine this year may be as little as ten percent affective this is based on statistics garnered from australia were they in a terrible flu season spite of uh near universal vaccination cut.

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