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Jump right there. Khalil roundtree the guy. He's he's always meditating these waterfalls in Thailand Sheryl. Oh Fuck you drinking climbing up free calls that thing on the almost essential black dude around I got these dudes Khalil roundtree and and Jer candidate about doing me yeah they really are seem to journey songs. The fucking Khalil Khalil roundtree is really like a spiritual dude and he used to be a fat kid in high school same as candidate he was a little heavier man something to that Psalm two team fat kid and I was gonNA bring up to the killer gorilla that has nothing to do with religion religion but the Clinton Free Pasta. I started to started gluten free to man. Matt looks really good. Look at she might upset. It's a Mu- colleague lower pizza the other day I love it. I love it so much. What are you and your crew doing after this airport which I want to go get some times you fly for leave soon shit man. You got to get out of your nation platform which you go where I love that place. Did you ever go. I've been there eight times fucking love talking a couple of weeks. I'M GONNA come back in a couple of weeks. Yes forty. I think forty nine forty nine thousand eight I yeah I don't eat during the day at night. It's amazes fucking Goodman Brazilian. Bring them meet you turn the The you know. It's the church. Let me call. Oh the barbecue present bobby. Oh Yeah Yeah. That's what I meant. I can't pronounce Shit. We're GONNA wrap up even though I don't want it to end though okay I'm gonNA come back in a couple of weeks. We can go eat the gluten free pizza and all that and pasta and all that good stuff. I'm going to go see your friends right now. Because I feel like an asshole I I walked right past. Say Back and fill your home anyway. I WanNa go see sorry. Thank you by the if you WanNa see me live. I'll be in Toronto Friday night doing my stand up and I'm also doing Saturday. This thing is a conversation with Jim Norton. I don't know what it is. What is that thing in front of the art into talking to a terrible job of selling I would please come see the standup on Friday. I think we should we should have a tour to promote this. Show Antonio get involved with that shape the function sorry already talking Heathrow. He's going to hate me before we do. The interview and I held up my Espresso Cup. You really did do that because you didn't want to interrupt. I'm sorry you're Carmela Soprano. Fuckin- waving over like that. I wanted my espresso so you got it. Thank you Jimmy Dean. What do you want to promote. I have nothing to know you have some. Don't be fucking Montana. Think man I don't. I don't really have nothing to promote right now anything else you just watch the movie when it comes out. Oh Yeah I got something to say the four or five everybody's looking for a fight on Youtube Dana. White look four or five her seen the most recent episodes of looking forward over to a fight yes which are phenomenon. I mean there hit. We have fun. We we have a lot of fighting. Data's captured having fun yeah. That's really what it is. Everybody loves it. Everybody loves it. All right dean. Tom Stagg Uber is in the thanks a lot. Thanks Ajar thanks to Jack and Matt days by Jimmy by Guys mm-hmm..

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