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Murder charge. A man was shot several times we'll sitting in a car and apartment complex at Parkside drive. He died at the hospital and mosquito police have also arrested a student for bringing a firearm to a high school campus students at poteete high school in the mosquito is d- notified administrators on Tuesday. They thought one of their classmates had a gun administrators related that information at the school resource officer who found the student and searched him that search did turn up a handgun and the student was arrested. Police say the students who reported the suspicious activity did the right thing. Stephen Pickering, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. What Southwest Airlines describes as an operation. Lamar gency now stretching into a sixth day southwest is already canceled more than five hundred flights Tuesday and anticipating cancellations today. All due to planes being grounded because of mechanical issues aviation. Attorney Kent Kraus says the mechanics have recently come under fire for getting too cozy with FAA inspectors and letting things past normally you could say that's not eight an item that you have to ground the plane right now, you could do for that to like an overnight maintenance it what's occurring is at the mechanics are are taking that step further going. No, it has to be fixed. Now management has sent memos to maintenance workers in Phoenix and their main Dallas headquarters memos suggesting that any sick leave will have to be verified by a doctor's note. And that overtime may be required at any time tonight. The president of the mechanics union has sent a letter in response, you can find the text of that letter on our website checkout, KRLD dot.

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