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One to cut two regulations for every new one part of the goal was to overturn six hundred last minute rules imposed by former president barack obama at the end of his term at a cost of more than fifteen billion dollars in office trump put his team on notice to cut regulations and one department interior has led the way while congress moved first cut regulations with the congressional review act the administration's cuts are what is fueling the repeal of rules naomi route ahead of the office of regulatory affairs will address success in a wall street journal column on thursday morning and in fact i uh i have that one uh with me today as well now i went to the washington post's the doctor evil post to do a little bit of research on this and they have a uh there they fake fact check operation there and they have nicole lewis playing the role of fact checker she's a an obama sycophants a trump hater you know what she's an employee of dr evils washington post and they're headline at the fake fact checker today as comparing the quote trump economy unquote to the quote obama economy unquote and it goes on forever it's argument how many pages it would be if you're printed out but far too many as the answer they have graphs and charts and colored dotson they've got all kinds of things and will bar graphs and dates and years and dollar figures and and all kinds of stuff and in the end they don't actually lay out all of the successes of the trump administration and the stock market the records broken the no or what what's going on with 401 k is uh uh that they're just not doing a date on the jobs created the job markets the lowest unemployment 17 years the lowest unemployment rate for hispanic six in the history of the united states of america you're not gonna find that stuff in here and in the end they say well we're not going to affect check this with pinocchio but they claim that sarah huckabee sanders she's said hey look at the economy in a great and they want to call her a liar but of course they can't as much as they like to so instead what they do is they conclude if you can call it a conclusion it's really not they say that the.

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