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Give me the folded piece of paper will joins us well you're on with rank one Hey what's going on guys that love you love you show thanks forget me and pleasure our pleasure well a few things I want to talk about one just general I do believe the eagles win the game I I know welcome back and forth on this with a lot of people but I do believe we will when we're better on the edge with our defense our line against their line yes Tom Brady could probably pick us apart but he hasn't been doing that all season really most teams and I just think that you know we will if we played our best ability that we can play two will probably beat any team but if we play that I think we well yeah it's well good I hope you're right it's in there so that in as well as if you remember the Super Bowl there was not a lot of flags not a lot of penalties and you know that that goes without saying you have to the players have do not cause them but you know over what that word egregious penalties now he I would like to see this game kana played like that hopefully it ends up like that I feel this whole year you know that's an understanding point of a lot of the games we play in the Detroit game it's a I was just talking about last week the poor when Sanders got his helmet ripped off he got turned around backwards do not see that is it is incredible in my eyes I agree said that the guy was it it's it's hard how to how do you how do you miss that it's so there's a restaurant with a couple you're right we were specially with all the calls are being called nowadays really well you know sometimes I we had a couple of the Green Bay game so today I saw those is that okay that I can see but some are just a little crazy yeah and so hopefully gets played that way the other thing I want to say just to give you guys some last and you know some joy for remembrance of our Superbowl when when we won it was February sixth two days after that I got the notion to order the Boston globe from Boston basically there Philadelphia Inquirer yeah and just to see what they got to wake up to it it said that the title says deep six minutes Tom Brady looking sad that you know the defense disappears and Super Bowl loss and nothing bad said about the eagles that's a keeper but the actor to once again hear cost seven Bucks but worth it now he will be worth it yeah that's good I like that I keep I have some old newspapers from big moments well speaking of officials he brought up officials yeah you know is working his game today no no no who who's your dread what's his name the guy who the guy who called the calls eagles ten times penalties the other team one oh no no no your body builds in of H. pass interference not so much not so much not so my mind me we have no no no doubt there was a time a few years ago yeah they were the all time pass interference group yes any kind of contact was passing yeah bill then images cruise you're has thrown the fewest flags yeah of any crew in the NFL I'll take that interesting hi Paul I I think that I kinda like the idea of clean game yeah again watching the Superbowl yesterday they let him go its territory yeah Derek worked great care of but yeah I remember vintage was a guy who over officiated games terribly I bought but I don't know somebody there if if he studied some Filmer some I talked to him or what not but this year to this point at least his crew has thrown a few US flags of any crew in the NFL okay well with that now that's that's a good sign your bad side is the patriots are eight and three in game city works well that's part I mean the crazy where you know games he doesn't work there fifteen one yeah that's okay Mike is with us Mike you're on ninety four W. I. Hey Mike Hey fellas Saint James nineteen seventy four right okay very good well you're a lot younger than I am yeah a little bit slow but but anyway my father in law was a teamster guy up in Chester when a teacher of specials and hello go up there and he knew sheer Frankie sheer and he told me a story about then at a convention and I think it was on a lan exiting back in the sixties and Henry hill and Frank Sheeran were there wow that table together and my mother along confirm this she says because when that would be wise guy came out he said I met this guy he said he I'm a farmer wall was in a mobster are you doing good fellas yeah good fall yeah that I use a wise guy but that's okay we got yet yeah controls were good fellas came out I'm sorry yeah and then what's his face out yes one is book came out he bought me a copy so I can read it you know he yeah away from it and anyway yeah but he was our anyway so he's on the movie a no I haven't seen I so here's the deal because we got to run but see the movie in the next couple of weeks and I want you to get back to us with your thoughts on okay all right yeah we got to run IBM's I don't mean to be rude you we got to run this race in my hand yes that's a folded piece of paper my ceiling the microphone on this piece of paper is the final score of todays eagles New England Patriots game down at Lincoln financial field on on give me yours first okay I didn't I didn't look I was looking at my notes that's fine okay well I made the pick with Angelo on Thursday and we have to post them online at the NBC sports sites so I'm I'm on record as as picking the eagles to win this game I'm I made the prediction before I knew that George Howard was going to play and I I really did I really did think of the way to beat the patriots was to attack him on the ground I mean you don't have Lamar Jackson but they can you can certainly run on this front you absolutely can and with the eagles offense of line has been blocking lately last three games eagles rush from regards any team in football I don't people realize that I mean running game has been that good and their strength in a way that the plane right now please write to the biggest weakness of the of the patriot so on that basis I thought the eagles had a chance plus the eagles pass rusher start to come alive and the patriots offense online is not very good I mean I don't block for the run very well and they've got they got two tackles right now we got a backup tackle played left tackle right now Marshall Newhouse who's been awful and the right tackle ever gonna Marcus cannon was good player but not playing well so what they would really Vinnie curry may actually get a sack no no I'm not gonna go that far but I'm but I'm thinking that Brandon Brandon Graham and Derek good luck and you've got and you've got Fletcher **** is planned great pleasure **** who started the year slow looks healthy and they look like what your car is joining in the back yes so for all those reasons I think they can get pressure on Brady and and Brady is listen he's great he's the greatest quarterback ever played is forty two years old and he can't get away from the rush and when any does and when he gets pressure he just rolls the ball away now and we've seen one Brady has had trouble in big games it's always been because of past pressure it's always been that sell the giants beat him in two super bowls is getting relentless pressure on him and I think the way the patriots line is set up right now and the way the eagles defense coming on they will be able to get the kind of pressure Brady they can't run the ball I think gonna bring pressure Brady so I don't think I guess what I'm saying is I don't think the patriots are gonna score a ton of points and I thought that the eagles if they ran the ball control the clock controlled feel position shorten the game would be in a position to win it so on that basis I picked the eagles thinking they're gonna Jordan our I picked the eagles twenty seven twenty four I'll stick with it even though I don't hang out with as much conviction Asterix by well there's mine I'll stick with it and you're going to say and I had a feeling you're going this way will more one sided than I thought you're saying patriots twenty four forty I used to see how he was going to score that's that's the problem I just without Jordan how are without to Sean Jackson you know even without all Shawn Jeffrey mile Sanders could have a nice game and then who I mean I'd love to say that when this is going to have a great game and and he may but I don't know who's gonna throw to and and I fear that it's a close game you know seventeen fourteen game in the end the eagles gonna wear down and lose it twenty four fourteen hope I am wrong would be delighted to be incorrect on that one anyway that's going to do it for me you're gonna stick around to the third hour everybody should call rate eight eight eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four give ray a call eight eight eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four and you're gonna take a look at all the games around the league going to a little what brown but I will welcome any and all calls promote this one a little bit I am I headed over to the stadium to do the well a lot of pre games and then you have the eagles against the patriots for twenty five that are time kick off today Maryland Mike Howard asking on the sidelines ray I will see you access you tomorrow the town tap which I'm looking for two correct we're gonna have some dinner and then Thursday I'm really appreciate you're gonna come out to the book release began and I wrote the great book of Philadelphia sports lists and we're gonna have a big party Big Daddy is going to be there it's going to be great Lori Florida I had to see the guy anyway stick around ray danger coming up right here on ninety four W. 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