James Taylor, Holland Dozier Holland, Deutsche Louvre discussed on The New Yorker Radio Hour


That's Deutsche Louvre. That is. That's the point, you want to keep quiet if you James that influence. I only real. Edit it right here. Yeah. No. The the. I played hymns I've played Christmas carols and gave me that sort of very bedrock kind of western musical harmony comedy that kind of thing and, and from, then I fell into the Beatles and show beam. And it really I found that I had enough of a technique to be able to adapt those things into it that the technique itself. I would I think I'm playing Rachel's think on playing Joe beam. I think I'm playing Paul McCartney Lennon McCartney. I think I'm playing. Holland Dozier Holland. I think you know, but actually or Sam cook, or, or Marvin Gaye, but it actually is put through this sort of narrow filter of my technique Jirga tar guitar finger, and it makes it sound like James Taylor, like carols, tune up on the roof which, which we did all summer long. And we did we went back and forth between her version of their mind. It started being like a. When this. Down and just too much will meet to. What.

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