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Do you recognize it? Britney? They keep watching Miley Cyrus in big Inman, Give me You may give me more. Give me give me be Spears and Miley. Oh, yeah. This is the one where I was thinking of glory. Where was kind of like? What song? Is this again? Oh, that's right. That's beautiful. Yeah. Whoa. Yeah, that is really that is good stuff That was from her back yard sessions from like October that like that couldn't be. I couldn't be more their demo for that. Like you're heading up to your YouTube. But I just don't like dick hard. Said Yes. That I loved all of her cover. Me too. So, so good. So good. Um, no, I am curious about your take on this story. Um, Prince here. He got an apology from the Daily Mail about the rail marine story so inactive. Over the Daily Mail published Such a nonsensical attack on Prince Harry. The story was that people within the room Marines community were super mad at Harry. We're going to live in an America on some high muckety muck in the Marines claimed he wrote a letter to Harry describing her big Maddie was that Harry for all this American movie nonsense. And the dude was basically like Harry needs to leave his wife and child so you can come back and represent the Royal Marines on And then they added another layer saying, You know that Prince William wanted the role of that, Captain general and blah, blah, blah. Anyway. Totally not true. And the daily mail has up. I mean, what shocking that they apologize. That's actually the real story here. But, uh, there were so many things going on there she supposed my mind that they would Why would you even reach for a fake story? Buckingham Palace and Clarence House or Prince William or something. They really, really, really had to be in their bonnet. And just kind of kept making up all kinds of ridiculous stories about area, Meghan and any of us that watch the crown. Yeah, you could see why you'd want to leave that family Jack about. I know he Have you? Did you? Were you already finished, right? Yeah, of course you haven't. No, I haven't finished it. I started it because I was told I was allowed to start on that season. I was pretty pump because I hadn't seen any of the old ones. Yeah, And so I was I've been into it, but there's been no that you have bridge your turn. I will. Yeah. I mean, just like you to see me tomorrow. Dark circles under my eyes. I'm gonna be like wearing some weird like course set outfit lead into it. Yeah. Rocco may watch it. I might try for the our lungs. Yeah, I think so much in an hour, and it didn't feel like we're not gonna see you tomorrow. Rocco have report Wednesday for you. All right. Good. Well, like looking at speaking of Harry and Meghan, Um, they But 100 hats from all that's New Zealand social enterprise that provides network for kids in need. They about to hunt 100 hats and Archie's name. Um, for a charity. That's cute, Cute. Kind of like, love Your melon type. Yeah, that's pretty cute. It's adorable. They see here, Ian. Megan's illustrated Christmas Goods so cute that little ginger heard toddler. I want to see a photo of him. I know we're not going tol. Oh, they're I mean, they're cute. They really are. Can't even by the way, if you were wondering, Lisa Marie Presley was granted joint custody of her Children with Michael Lockwood. Yeah, trying to say that She was all kinds of, you know? Yeah, they were throwing so many things, that course she her first Christmas she had to go through without her son, who died by suicide so sad. It's just so Yeah, yes, so anyway, so she got some good news about that because he's been basically trained up. Say I'm gonna air your dirty laundry. I want more custody of the kids, So you have to pay me. I just It's always such a bargaining tool. My breaks it down to that, and that's so grows. Yes. Rough It is anyway. So, Rocco, you're going skiing tomorrow. We're kind of jealous. I know. I've been meaning to take a day off and go toe afternoon. We're gonna go to Highland. Okay, Highland? Yeah. Got my kid a lesson and You have never been island. So I'm looking forward to its That is a perfect place to go with the kid. Absolutely. And ended your kid. Did your kids ski are still more esque? Easy. Do it. We did it once maybe two weeks ago liked it s so this will be a trip number two. Yeah. We should learn how to ski when I was a kid. Do you not know you don't ski? Well, I do. But I didn't learn how to ski until like it was E think the first time anyone I was like a sophomore in high school, and I really didn't ski ski. Yeah, until I ski just couple times in high school. Yeah, jeans and my puffer code. I didn't really ski ski until I was like 24 so Never he flawlessly. But you know the fall line. I know how to ski is a kid I learned for list. Yeah, I learned how to snowboard At a really young age. We lived in still water. And so we went after in every weekend. So you're going to Morocco. Have you been skiing since you're a kid of a few times? Yeah. Yeah, And I love I mean, I have go like once every 10 years kind of because my wife said into it, and then I fall back into it. I love it. It's so fun. Yeah. And you can buy such cute stuff. Yeah, rationally. I mean, I know that genes in public Oh, was your saying that wasn't I was absolutely appalled. I was like, Oh, gosh, isn't what people are wearing. In the first time we went out West. I was like so concerned about What I was wearing. Yeah. Did you look cute? Then who was good? That's all that matters. First time, Julian. I went on a work trip together. We were going toe Breckenridge Honeymoon Summit County and we were like the team to go. And you felt like need snow bunnies. Oh, we see them. Breckenridge. There's a firefighter convention. I had a great ski outfit on and we were like, pass the need of you're single. Then, are we Was she I was? Yeah, I was single, and she was like, maybe Three months from getting married, and, um, but she was like she was, like all thinking I was gonna be a good skier because that's such a good outfit, and I'm just like, you know. A C plus. Skier? Yes, winging it around cause she's been skiing. She was a kid. I could see your flying down the hill and she's like I thought you'd be better because you're off. It's so good, and I'm like I was always worried about the outfits that I leave. I love about Salt Lake City Housewives is their outfits are so and they go skiing and snowboarding more good summer rough summer. Good. Some are rough..

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