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Is native to the language so if anything needs a little bit more explanation or a enhancement jorges rape fair to jump e n and i'll give up a little bit more information also we're very fortunate to have him uh because um where hey is now the producer an engineer for all the angel radio broadcast so six months of the year he is on the road with the angels wherever they may be and it is only because it was after baseball season we have the honour of having her here with us so i wanna bring hurry into the show where he this is your first time in puerto vallarta correct visit first time for the way out of there being a native from police coal you know army this is new to me but what an incredible resort in the mary barra resort is going for the way out there so i have to ask you you've had a couple of days very intensive activity is here actually thanks to the marquette an immigrant folks visit puerto vallarta but uh approach on the spot here what his the highlight for you i because we've done some travel we've done some eating we've been involved in a little ecological expedition you know what would have one or two of the highlights thus far i would have to say two things and i are ponta rival is the the the amazing view that is just simply breathtaking you know they're the room were were situated the views are amazing that hill and the food oh my god there's so much food and so much to drink but a heretical and just how everybody here at the marriott is so welcoming amid an amazing experience if you have not visited puerto vallarta well and you know we should say that the warm welcome they received from the staff if an area it's just not because the socalled restaurant show is is visiting the hotel this warmth and hospitality something all staff members extend to old guest again they're amazingly plight i'm sure you've experienced what i have experience you walk mammal hall to your room.

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