Florida, Tampa Bay, Biden discussed on Sean Hannity


Weather. Tampa Bay's news radio Wofl eh No direct hit forecast for Florida. But Tropical Storm Sally could still bring 1 to 3. FT. Of storm surge to parts of the pain handle plus flooding as it tracks toward the mouth of the Mississippi River. The storms rains could also cause flooding in central Florida through tomorrow. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has pledged $100 million to help Joe I didn't beat President Trump in Florida. A spokesman for the former rival of Biden says it will let Biden focused more resources on other battleground states. Ah Corona virus vaccine could come in a few months. But will you take it? There are some numbers in this poll that policymakers across the board should really be paying attention to Jeff Johnson of Florida's eh, AARP says They're new Poll finds only 46% of voters over age 50 will take the vaccine, 30% said they would not and the other, 24% said they didn't know with Florida's News. I'm John the question from the Central credit Union hormones Traffic center traffic is still looking good around the temporary highways, as we get further into the afternoon to send five is moving up to speed throughout the bay Area at this time, 75 also looking good, both North and South bound lanes and I. Ford's looking good. Both East and West Zone Excessive isn't reporting any major problems in or out of downtown Tampa at this time and the better just clear up through such as county. Just be careful driving over the water right now for the high Patrol issued a travel advisor about high winds over the Skyway. Carl's NewsRadio wofl a light to moderate rain, as well as those gusty winds will continue along the coast for the rest of the afternoon. Further inland, passing downpours.

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