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It's like just make your body feel a little better because if you don't move the day after game yes you get pretty stiff and it's not fun interesting. So three, thirty, five. Mike del Tufo my sound engineers. Says he's plunked one forty-five before and we thought like there's no way you plant one, hundred, forty, five pounds no he's refers to that it's one plate of forty five. Thirty five three three plates of thirty five. Yeah. So it's not even one hundred pounds joke, right? I mean three, hundred, thirty, five. George. Funny He literally said that when you play he planks one forty-five or like yeah right? No, it's one plate of forty five is wearing said that's not the among and you gotta understand the lingo man no, it's not the way it works. It's just not the way it works. All right. George. Thanks for the Call I. Love Watching you ball out and again it's not a fantasy football thing you know. You. You. Guys have me on in Bobby back anytime love talking with you boys right back at you. Thank you said Jones Georgia kill everybody right here in the rich richer. Friend of the? program. Right there. I shouldn't like George but I do. Oh He's why don't you like jewelry place for the Niners, I sit in theory I shouldn't. But he? Does not. Play, Ohio State Looking at their schedule. I were purdue, the northwestern and Michigan State Minnesota Penn State. Nebraska. Illinois and Wisconsin. By the way here's that Nebraska News I was teasing Oh yes. But is this they named one of their captains A Walk on wide receiver. Kate worn. Hey. Wow Kurt son has got to see honest that isn't that Kurtz also rocking a mustache handlebar moustache it's epic. Epic it is epic we that was the final topic of the Mooch and Michael Debate segment on Game Day morning yesterday who's got the better mustache. Or Kate Warner. Cade want it. Should. His mustache, it's great. How `Bout that Kurt Son and walking on Seon. Mourners no joke man. That's awesome. I know. Pretty cool stuff. Very cool. I know we're so happy for them. When we come back your phone calls eight, four, four, two, four rich number to dial here on the program eight, four, four, zero, four, rich. You've got a phone bank lit up, we'll empty them then overreaction Monday, and Ryan Tannehill back.

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