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Gives small contractors the edge visit ferguson dot com today well it's been a surprising first half so far between kansas state in oklahoma state the wildcats came out looking to run the ball 10 plays all on the ground for seventy one yards to score their first touchdown jumped out on top seven nothing cowboys come back though the twotouchdown favorite ten straight points to take a ten seven lead but early in the second quarter the wildcats able to respond to back san the receiver reuter emotion all three receivers to the left side there's the stamp halls fat tops and look in the fires what he's got a bad price they get a five metre attached to the end zone marquez to share with the call schuyler thompson five absorbed the first seventy five yards oklahoma state able to answer with another field goal but on the ensuing kickoff return trump that is byron pringle up the leftovers 20 minutes of the rights attached don't buy the quicker the forty and outside lobbied thirty eight the pleats the ban under the end zone and for angola innovating radio kickoff return of heard kansas state extends its lead the seven why defers tapper byron pringle raise for a touchdown had the touchdown reception earlier for the wildcats take the lead on the road later on in the second quarter he do the unthinkable extended snap give barnes has a whole right side bursts heard at the thirty are feel twenty trucks inside the answer the touchdown chance at stake water first capital wildcats on a thirty nine yard touchdown.

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