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Steve dresner. And good morning to you, John Aaron, if you missed it during the overnight hours, what a 9th inning for the nationals offense that featured some timely hitting by one Nats working now. Top of the 9th with the nets leading four to three. Zero and two on call to the pitch swing and a drive did well to left field. Back goes pro far over his head and it is gone. Goodbye. First major league home run for the election. Bang. Zoom goes Alex call with a two run Homer off Josh hader. Charlie slows with a call on 1500 a.m. 27 year old Alex call with his first career home run nets with a three run 9th inning they down the Padres 6 to three for their second straight win game three of this four game set coming up tonight at 8 40 Josiah grane gets his start on the mound for the nets. American League action, a slugfest to say the least last night at Camden yards, even though the Red Sox built it out 19 hits, the Orioles with 18 hits, along with 5 home runs, Baltimore held off Boston 15 to ten, the wind moves the oath just one and a half games ahead of the third and final wild card spot in the American League. The series continues this afternoon at four O 5, it's Kyle Brady gets getting the start for the O's. Over at a football commander's preseason scheduled continues, this afternoon, they'll take on the chiefs of 4 o'clock kick-off from Kansas City expect this starters to at least play the first half. Elsewhere coming up at 1 o'clock this afternoon, Denver battle's buffalo Detroit meets Indianapolis. Steve dresner, WTO sports

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