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Miss it as much as you thought you would. I didn't miss it as much as I thought it was that because you fed mean sports just seems despite you know, some people brush off sports sports. No, it's not. Some feelings that I don't know. I don't mean in that way, but people that dismiss it because they think, Oh, it's just a game. It's sports. No, no, we're talking about professional sports. You there are billions of dollars on the line. There are thousands of jobs on the line. It's an entire industry. I know you can. Summit down, Teo says sports. No, it's not. This is a massive industry so Well like this. It is amazing how we how much value we put on it. It isthe. And I mean, isn't it like silly to think OK, and I think everybody's had this thought like a guy getting paid $20 million a year to play a game. It is where the industry is that it's not not saying there's anything wrong with him getting that because they're getting their piece of the pie, and they should. They're the product in the day, but like where we are, and I'm thinking about everything, Carm, how do we get to a spot where a guy playing baseball is making 2030? $40 million a year? Because we love it are obsessed with it, and we'll pay lots of money, a lot of money for it, so Devotes W yours Truly. Without the car and KP. I'll give you another one. The Chicago Bulls. Okay, let's just pick them. Their first season in existence was 1966. 67 Okay? So it was the 50 year anniversary. Just a couple of years ago, there were 53 years of Bulls basketball. Now 53 years. Now, let's think about The entire history of the world, and how short that 53 years is like It's it's not even like three. It's nothing. It's a speck in time it Sze, right? Nothing. And yet Somehow, in that period of time, it climbed Tio just an enormous level of importance, right? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense when when did when did football. You know you were talking about the forties and Sid Luckman. I mean, it's just not long ago. How are we gonna live without sports? Well, actually, for literally for all time, we've lived with that sort of except for this little small period in time, and there's something I do think that competition is It's instinct, right? I think I think that actually comes with its built in or DNA. I do so competition and then people it's it's snowballed into what it is now. I'm not again. I'm not saying anything is necessarily wrong. By any means. It's just like How are you kind of not thinking about everything right now? Yeah, I get that a little deep here car. But if we're trying to unravel like the years, your central question was, did I miss sports the way I thought I would write and not really. Right. I thought if I had to go three or four months of that life sports, I'd be when I lost my mind. But it's almost been. The opposite is also Hey, Kevin. Hey, Kevin. Here's the deal. Okay, Carmody gotten on Wednesday. They announce there's going to be no baseball the season. They're not going to do college football. And baseball right now is indefinitely postponing playing until they have a proven vaccine. This is a hypothetical we're going right and we don't even know if there will be a 2021 season. Well, what would be your reaction? I think it would feel a little different than the way it has over the past few months because the past few months was saying it's thinks we don't have sports but deep down. There's hope. There's hope that it hasn't been completely scraps. I think If I did get the finalized It's done within 20. I think that would I think that would be like a punch to the gut. You know, because you For the past few months. The hope is that we'll figure we'll figure it out. We'll find a way we'll find a way we'll find a way. And then if somebody told me no gone, That would be devastating. I think, okay, I think so. I finally hit pay dirt here. 2021 no baseball bat that that that that I have been up with the panic button. 312981 72 100 Baseball coming back. How much have you missed it? And we'll move along to what is a fascinating story, which involves Darth Vader will explain next 7 20 W. G in the wall, turn on the fireworks. People strike got socks, winds dressed about 35th and Dan Ryan says That was 11 years old..

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