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Tipsters. If we're not saying what you are seeing, give us a call to 157 20 for 10 60 in the K Y w 24 hour traffic center. I'm Stevie Reese. Thank you, Stevie. A lot of showers and thunderstorms in your five day forecast. Here's NBC 11th Alert. Meteorologist Bill Henley. Steamy and potentially stormy weather is going to be with us for several days today, showers and thunderstorms and slow moving storms can produce heavy rainfall. There's a chance of some flash flooding ponding on roadways. Rising creeks and streams. Ah! Flash flood watch in effect until 11 o'clock tonight. You're 90 this afternoon, but showers will drop the temperatures and as the showers taper off this evening, we'll drop into the seventies overnight Tonight. Tonight will be mostly cloudy and McGee and tomorrow mostly cloudy during the day with a repeat of showers and thunderstorms. Downpours are high of 83. And more of the same for Friday. Mostly cloudy, warm, muggy, ah, high of 84 degrees with the chance of downpours, showers and thunderstorms will finally taper off as we start to head into the weekend. There's still a chance of a shower on Saturday, but most of the day will be dry. Partly sunny and 83. A few more clouds, less humid conditions and a high of 81 on Sunday. I'm NBC 11th Alert meteorologist Bill Henley, with the most accurate forecast count on it, and again we have partly cloudy sky. The flash flood watch in effect until 11 o'clock tonight for the region where partly cloudy right now, and we are expecting some severe thunderstorms later on this afternoon. It is 12 05 The Philadelphia Art Commission votes to allow the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue from Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia. KOW City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe,.

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