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That stealing daylong is harry stealing when he parks that whole foods what do you think is that theft i need you said you bought something right yeah so now about two things i say the but i say this parking is fair game three one two nine eight one sony few hundred is harry five title titles a thief unless there are people lined up at whole foods who want to get in they can't but in the markings fair game thank you and that you would be steel and customers for him and that's where i'm going the eight this was ten twenty in the morning there's like nobody in their locked there were multiple space there were multi and i know that you and i could ask your girlfriend bridge you're probably familiar with word multiple but there were multiple spaces available i took one of about two genetic a shot at my sex game ends rude and inconsiderate continue on call me a thief again while i've just i'm not an unarmed call you a thief i'm asking three once united 170 seventy two hundred if hair he is a thief a latin aladdin was a thief okay robert wagner when he played out zor monday in the old tv show case a thief here's a thief okay'd the guy's notions eleven thieves all of that i am not a thief there were seventy some parking spaces available i took one of them carman for about half an hour doesn't matter i listened there is a whole foods that is very close to wgn radio parking a wgn radio can be very sparse i have parked in that whole foods and then the exact same thing that you have so maybe i should make the question are we both thieves because i thought that stats better way to ask that question okay why no you don't wanna be singled out.

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