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NASDAQ Futures are up 67 Now futures up 175 points from Bloomberg. I'm Jeff Belanger on news radio 700 wlw. Alright, you mentioned the port of Savannah. I was in Savannah, once checked in the hotel were like on the fifth floor. Had to be fifth floor. Maybe sixth. I'm just laying back on the bed relaxing and I see something huge going by the window like what is that It was a container ship. I mean that Savannah right that Savannah River is not that wide. I mean, I didn't know it was a big port. And it's not that wide not as wide as the Ohio put five stories and Yeah, yeah, I watch just went by my window. And yes, I'm huge ships go in there. Unload and head back out, and then There's a Tybee Beach or something that's beach and go to It was weird container ship goes by your hotel. You can drive to the beach and whatever 20 minutes later, it's just coming out into the ocean from that river. But it's amazing the size of the ships that go down. What Appears to me. It must be a very deep, narrow river. But that would have to be. Yeah. Yeah, I know. Dad was cool. All right. Traffic. What's up from the UC Health Traffic center? The Pelvic Health Center. You see, Health is the region's only health center stamped by fellowship trained Euro gynecologists from both gynecology and urology. It's been pretty quiet on the highway so far this morning and no change this time around northbound 75, Of course, the heaviest that's been fluctuating between an extra five and an extra two into downtown. Getting closer to that five mark right now, westbound to 75. That's fine at Loveland. So is inbound 74. Core Inc. Chuck Ingram, NewsRadio 700 WLW Forecast Sunday Today High of 80 overnight 57 Tomorrow high of 83 Sunny Sunday again up to 88. It's 56. Now I'm gonna give it so real real. Do I give it somewhere real Best seasons will give you some authentic.

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