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Just a nice throw that time by Purdy data thirty four Iowa State using tempo. Montgomery tripped up most of the thirty five yard line by Thomas once again, that's a gain of three on first down. Can't overemphasize Iowa stayed will really kind of the Ron pass. They'll run some RPO. No runs sewed inside zone stretch plays with Montgomery who goes out of the game now, but it's really up to the quarterback this offense to make the plays at thirty two in a nice job at at the command. Four beijing. Empty backfield for property on second down and seven six minutes in here, Valero Alamo bowl, we owe scoreless tuna cyclones and Cougars. Sheldon crony checking end gets the Dow plunges ahead after a gain of two of our right tackle. It'll be third down crony. Twenty-one carries all year long forty yards. He did have a lot of activity during the course of the year. But this is what the bowl season allows allows guys to come in. Maybe they'd been hurt. Maybe they've been out for some games. Makes for an easier. Third down here. Five facing the cyclones. Iowa State from right to left Purdy again looking towards the sidelines out of the shotgun. As a pocket off his back. It's got to be picked up by Washington state near sideline a chance for six Marquez straw to the end zone for the store. Flag on the pill for taunting. Let's check the penalty strong read that pass right before party through it. Another turnover. Kooks, right? I. Well. Marcus strong jump the route. He jumps the slant. Route that brought parties trying to throw to who else. Akeem Butler Butler will always draw a lot of attention and Purdy locked on him. And and was going there the entire time. He looked stared down paid the price sportsmanlike conduct. Pain. Not sure where he taunted was it because he outran everybody. Then look behind. He looked behind him and started the slight high stepping you could tell he was probably saying something at that point in the no fun league yet. They're not in the no fun league yet that is not taunting. Holding the ball out in front of him later the five yard line. You wanna make clears breaks the plane. I you have to interpret intent there that's difficult to do. But I get your perspective. So take the touchdown off the board. Washington state will have the football fifteen yards back from where the penalty occurred at the five. I'm no mathematician, but those spotted at the twenty ten just remarkable how that happens, and it's such a bold mental. Blistering momentum killer. Three by one set for the Cougars from left to right in. They're all Princeton uniforms, delayed hand off the board stutter steps. Ribbon down in the backfield. Tommy's gonna lose a yard and a half. It'll be second down in long to Quan Bailey who leads the cyclones and tackles for loss setting up shop in the backfield there. I just don't think that's taunted. He did not. He did not had held it behind him and put it behind him while he's running that would be. But to put it in front of you and score. I disagree with the car impressed with you right now. I liked that take your starting to convince me. On second down Menchu shotgun. Three by one chat board in the backfield. Planking him to the right chess is snap surveys closer towards the end zone. Double coverage and Inca lake up. Third defender drifted over at the last second. And that was dangerous toss looking forward to rebel Harris. Yeah, they tried to get the ball down the battle ROY in anytime late down the middle. It's either double covered or it's triple covered that that lasts safety kind of hangs out. He's the one that causes problems. And. Mitch you got away with one. They're seven minutes remaining and a fast moving first quarter here in San Antonio. We are scoreless between Washington state and the Iowa State cyclones third down and twelve Borges flanking mentioned in the lap. Here's the shotgun. Snap all kinds of time. Surveys end zone wide open for the touchdown. Bell has score of the year from twenty two yards out. And that was too easy. It just goes to show how good gardener mid shoe as he hangs in the pocket. He's not going anywhere. And he almost surgically dissect the defense splits the cover to and bell right below the goalpost is Hanley strike by the golden arm up..

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