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You couldn't to look at a closet for that now. Well initially once again the talking. Nineteen seventy four two hundred fifty dollars a month for the first tour by the eighty S. Joe was paying more and yours had changed locations a couple of times ending up on Broadway between Seventy Eighth Street and seventy ninth street in extremely compact little space. It was right across the street from this elegant apartment building that takes up a whole city block called the APP Thorpe. The APP Thorpe is where the Ephron sisters lived Nora Ephron wrote the script for it Lived across the street of the APP sort and was inches regular customer. You're had lot of regular customers and a lot of heart. It was like a little wonderland Brian cells naked the illustrator and author of children's books like the invention of Hugo. Kobe started working at yours. In nineteen eighty nine. Soon after graduating from wristy if I wanted to be a children's book Writer and illustrator. That working in a children's bookstore would be a great education and so there was a little sign in the window. That said they were looking for help. And you're given a little quiz when you go in and I think everything I knew was basically Where the wild things are manager? Send him off to go. Study sells the dutifully went to the library retried to memorize as many children book. Titles as possible. I think when I came back I didn't really know that much more but I think I might have been one of the first people to actually come back after having been told to go study manager hired him and would send him home every night with bags of books in short order. Brian became as knowledgeable as the rest of the staff. I remember the sense of sort of this welcoming embrace. When you walk in the you know there were there were posters and and and mobiles and there was a giant Stuffed E or in the corner which was probably in retrospect one of the dirtiest most disgusting things in New York. City P The people who come into the store it was so interesting. You know it was a mix of the you know the families from the upper west side. There were celebrities. There were people who wanted to become children's book Writers or illustrators themselves were the musicians there was like the guy who dressed like. He was in a marching band and would always steal. Dr seuss books. I it felt like a real community which in a community another thing that yours would do was hold writing contests for kids with prompts like if were mayor of New York. Here's what I do to improve the city that particular contest from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight over four hundred responses and was written up in the New York Times. I'm going to read you a little quote from that piece if I were mayor of New York. Here's what I do wrote Willa Paskhin a six year old upper west sider. It wouldn't be so dirty on the ground. Pass a law that people would throw their garbage in garbage cans and not in the street. I didn't win could have been a little more original but that clipping stayed on our fridge for years this is all to say ears was a local institution and it's not like was the only game in town. There was a toys R. Us up the block that carried kids books and Shakespeare and company and two smaller Barnes and nobles nearby also had children sections even so into the early nineties. Yours business was doing well and then a number of things fell yours. All at once and one of them was Barnes and noble support for today's episode comes from Progressive Insurance Fun fact progressive customers qualify for an average of six discounts when they sign up for progressive auto insurance discounts for things like enrolling in automatic payments ensuring more than one car going paperless and of course being a safe driver plus customers who bundled. They're also with home or add. Renter's insurance save an average of twelve percent on their auto. There are so many ways to save when you switch and once you're accustomed with progressive you get unmatched claim service with twenty four seven support online all by phone. It's no wonder that more than twenty million drivers trust progressive and that they've recently climbed to the third largest auto insurer in the country. Get a quote online at progressive DOT COM. In as little five.

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