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He's probably going to put himself the title contention pretty fast over there and I don't know how to pronounce his opponents last name but it's Alfred fearless. He's he's the guy that Sean o'malley knocked out on the contender series. He's he's only lost. He's lost his Sean. o'malley Ricardo Rama's one archer. LEDA and Mike Hansen. So not losing a bums as PDF not bad losses. That's for sure no. It's actually his debut to also on that car to Daring Call Adam boards in that featherweight Grand Prix went as someone in the UFC when you see ballot or doing doing these Grand Prix. Are you jealous at all. Stephen Wonderboy Thompson is so jealous of them. I mean it would be cool to switch things up. You know get creative I feel like the. UFC gets creative different ways but like they're not willing to go outside the box in tournament style. It would be fun for sure. You know. Give opportunity for fighters to kind of build their their reputation. Asiana build their names and become something bigger than they are they are but yeah. I just don't see it happening with Dana. I feel like he's a little stubborn towards that kind of stuff. Yeah Stephen Thompson said the reason he wanted because you can't argue with the tournament like there's always an argument over like who's next in line who's next on you can't argue if it's prebuilt rebuilt it does itself. And I liked that Darren called. We'll former bantamweight champion. Who Lost Horiguchi on that Madison Square Garden car? Going up to featherweight Also on that Card Raymond Daniels Returns Avon night. We were talking about boxers. Making the transition over Henry Corrales one arts Aleta Pico returning on the prelims card and the Asia Aga's Gazon fighting on the second fight of the night and Curtis melander former U. of C.. Vet Jumping up to a catchweight fight at one eighty so lots of interesting fights on that card. So I'm GONNA goes Brian. What would you say if someone made cauliflower ear friendly headphones I would? I would take us about buys not that bad man. I got like regular ears pretty pretty much by right years a little bit worse the only like earphones. That don't work for me like the IPHONE. The original iphone. You can't get them in there. Yeah and like if they're for in sometimes they start to slowly slide out like I don't want to deal with that during this Kinda situation you know. I'm because these look goofy Sir I was uh-huh Interviewing Roxy at Media Day and Roxy had made her debut in two thousand and two thousand and three may soon barbara was five and Roxanne modifier. It does not have like you would like. Hey you would have no. She was a fighter. Anyway because she was like the nicest human being in the world has no cauliflower ear. I was GONNA asking like have you been fighting for two thousand three I have no cauliflower. She's too nice. There's no bad Karma for her you shirt Anderson Silva doesn't really have it either. Is it true that if you mess it up draining at once or just screwed for life. I've never drained it man. I've just held pride and just kept going and honestly like once it hardens up. It's really a heart for it to erupt again. Like you'd have to get punched really solid like right in the area for to start to bubble again. Or if you have that giant bubble like Moses name. The guy that Kim Bo punched in the air and erupted. Thomson I think is. I can't remember off Josh Thompson. Nah I wasn't Josh. I can't quite remember but it was like when it was the very next vice when kimball loss to set the Patriots Elliott Elliott and like the world's shutdown. Someone says Nose Ring Gang. Yes proud proud. Support the nose. Run Game Maurice Green wants to join by the way interviewed him today and he said I like that idea and I said put the study and I so your nose doesn't get all infected did they. I've been switching it up. I got the study now but I think the loop is a little bit better look. I've never taken my now. It stayed in their sense. Got It back Nicholas Thompson. You're in the comment section last question your known as the Best Rapper in the AFC one. Are you cutting that tyron. Woodley distract across the entire road should go back and forth with a little bit of a battle. You know. It's not really my style to throw this out there. Plus what am I going to say to Tyron Woodley. He's GonNa bring up the fact that nobody he's been a world champ and this and that so it's Kinda hard to do that but making let's see who can make the better song better track down for that. What if a fighter like Leon Edwards called out time Woodley for like? He's like for his rap game if someone did that to you. Would you try and make distract distract on an opponent psych amount. Yeah that's an option. That's that's a good. That's a good look right there. I think that I would definitely look to do that if he was really talking. Trash about the rap game. Maybe I would walk out to that song to. That's what I was GONNA say. Would you ever try to walk out to one your songs. Yeah I gotTa do that for sure. Man I don't know why haven't done that yet. Because I feel like the announcers would probably say like hey telezapper. He's walking out to his old music now. And that would help build my rap game. I think it would. I would be interested in if the UC cuts any of it. Because I don't know if Darren Stewart fought Doron win in Boston and he walked out out to a song by English rapper called bonkers. And as the song's called Habib time and the Intro to the song is like Habib saying like Sand Location Brooklyn Las Vegas Posco. Whatever and he did that because drawn win is Habib's teammate? And the UC cut that out of the INTRO. They didn't play it. That's weird that Darren Stewart's like they just hate aide Englishman. That was his only response. Yeah it would have been there last thing. Ryan Chan joins us. Yeah boy. This man's guillotine is sick. Made him tap with his feet. We made a tap dance baby. That's the first time that's happening. Yeah that was the first time. It was bizarre because I I didn't realize trapped his arm with my leg legs and the other was in there. Too stuck you know what I mean so I felt like Psalm. The Matt and I was like what is that what Sean on. The only the only the other time I'd seen that is when Bellavia has tapped. Tim Elliott in Baltimore that's when he's had the Anaconda and he'd made Tim Elliott Hands. We're stuck but they were. He was was like flat on his back so he was like flying. Low around like a kid throwing a Tantrum but we are out of time and of course Promo Time Brian. The floor is yours. Whatever you I wanna say what could I say other than team crystal? Oh No. It's not pirate monetary benefits and and I go in. I win the FI. Finish I get to get the bonus. I I find out my contract which only puts me in a position to make more monetary on a terry income to renegotiate so shout out to team Crystal Jose P Carroll much love. I'm sure pizza. Cal is taking some time away from his lovely expedition through Amsterdam to watch this. It was an absolute pleasure to have you on my promo. I'll just plug. My Co.. Co Co workers. Work Casey Nassar be in at the ballot or card. I think we're GONNA have someone in Raleigh. I'm not one hundred percent for fight night. But that's those are two awesome cards and then who knows where all ended up after. Hopefully hopefully I'll be at the Brooklyn card and maybe we can do one of these in person. Or if you're not on the Brooklyn car which I hope we can do one of these in person. Yeah I'm down man. Let's do it well for Jose. That's Brian on this side. I would say shutout your instagram and stuff. But it's in the lower third below you already so you could follow Brian in his instagram is below. I think it's Brian Boom one thirty five right. Correct Jose right there stick around on the page. You can watch all all of our fun things. We actually had a really long twenty minute interview with Joseph. Ben Evita's talking about the Oscars of all things so you can watch that later on but we'll see you next week maybe pizza carols back. I'm sure Brian will be back. He's back in the win. Column hopefully gets that fat new contract but for Jose. That's Bryan out..

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