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And see bruce brown this past year you can go hurt all season he is a freakish sits five athlete and gulf six nine wingspan gets to the ramp didn't shoot a well but i have been deeded stations last summer and shot at well he was injured all season he can defend multiple physicians can switch he's got a tough this about bruce brown is well undervalued he goes in the second round someone is getting a huge steel can i quickly go back because why is mojo baba not being undervalued all the things that i'm hearing about him leading up to this and again i probably saw him play four or five times as past year i'm sure you've seen tape of literally every game he played but when you consider what the nba is now in what his skill set is and you look at at least one player is projected to go ahead of him like number one overall and i wonder doesn't know bomba fit the nba better today than the andre eight does i don't think so mean look to me it's freak because i think he's you know part chack sack part sean kept back day athlet raisman ron strong long more physically mature the problem from obama is this draft the front court in his draft is absolutely ridiculous he is a prospect is what he is and like all the stuff about well what what about his motor is motors going to be just fine to me it's moore's lower body strength can you hold a spot he's not click valley he's not a guy was going to play by hind the defensive he's a guy that's going to be bid post he can spot up shoot the corner three you could put them in ball streets in any different angle and he can short roll and make shot i mean in the new nba but physically right now you're talking about three years down the line he's going to get stronger physically right now he's not close to the.

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