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Back to the show nba chance and great friend steven jackson is here what's up then you enjoy the playoffs thus far yeah i'm i might be a psychic oh yeah yeah because i say today's go monday we're going to be talking about how boston blues boys out oh today's today's very nicely done that makes two of us let's the other matchup the one we all wanted out west the warriors and the rockets game one of the conference finals tonight these two have been on a collision course for this game for months now and while the warriors are looking to get to the finals for the fourth straight time rockets they're not gonna make this easy stephen i'll start with you how important is it for the rockets to win game one to get out of the gate quickly important you you plan against the team that has multiple champions nba champions you plan team that is more confident than anybody in nba as far as team wise coaches stab stars organization city this is the most competent organization in the nba right now so game one is more important than because they need to get up to good starting get a win to have some confidence to they can win this series i honestly feel like houston still has a little doubt because their plan against the team that like i said that that has proven to be champions that even though he's has number one seat everybody's still looking at goes state as the best team in the west and so it is number one see what it doesn't matter in this series but houston has to win this game to let them know that they hit the state it'd be even willing to argue nick was at boston last night saw the crowd there i'm not saying houston has bad sports fans but they're different than the other three teams that are left when you go to oracle we know what we don't get there i mean they've had the biggest homecourt advantage in this four year window in cleveland man they don't give it to you there and the cavs play tremendous there we saw what boston provided yesterday afternoon so of the four teams cleveland and houston and you'll fans man we need you to step up tonight winning one.

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