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Sex with one of their friends. Guess be how come he never this with me. Baby how can you say your daddy never dances with you alone. Stout kanada parties. He always dance with sicily kidding. Now we'll get from the c. On like i find this film really gripping because you're watching a guy manipulate his daughter like he knows that this daughter has has dirt on him that she could use to really screw up his life and yet here. She apologizes to him. She's apologizing her dad for discovering him hit her mother eight. He manipulates her. So so suavely its peak until it. He's not like a total. He's i don't think our a creep. I don't think he's the worst person in the world. I don't think he's a super villain but is so he's a complicated character In many ways he's a leading man. He has a sexy energy to him. He carries himself in this way. That is i think really interesting especially for sam jackson. I hadn't really seen him play this role. That much user soi he can pull it off and he is charming he is also incredibly unfaithful to his wife and we know that for a fact and what this movie does is wrestles with this dilemma. That is set up preowned the beginning like well we know is this but is he this other thing. Which is the crux of the whole film. Like is he someone who is in sexual. And i think he does a really good job of giving you a lot of doubt in many respects. It reminded me of the play doubt. And i know that that sounds like a joke but they deal with that as well. This idea of like what is the truth. you know. I believe the truth is this. I don't know what is right. And what is wrong and you present situations and we ever truly know what actually happened Right because there's the known knowns we know that the dad is cheating on on the wife. We know that you are like eve gets. Shut out of this conversation's door. Most on her told she can't listen in as they're talking about it. She doesn't know the full story of who. And what if there's more than one and what's going on but we glean enough to have a sense but then there's the event that we don't know it. I don't think it's to talk about this something so central to know. I mean it's the entire movie. The movie is very is very well. Told very compact and this is the centerpiece. I mean. this is the whole really the whole movie. Is this yet. Centerpieces that sicily the meghan good character. The older sister who is trying so hard to be up trying to like cut her hair look adult look beautiful. Get special time with her dad. She waits alone for her dad to come home at night when he's been out with other women to get her alone time with him And then when the mother starts trying to shut this down gets into a bigger fight with her mother about like. I deserve more time with my dad. This is what's happening anyway. One night the dad comes home. Drunk and sicily creeps downstairs. She sits on his lap in the kiss and both she and her father have completely different interpretations of who kissed. Who and what happened. And what it means and where this could have gone and how bad this was but they both know that it was very very bad and even knows that it was very very bad and we're here has the viewers kind of stuck in that position of knowing it was terrible but not knowing who to believe and not knowing if there is a person to believe which makes for i think it's incredibly compelling film because i think film sometimes has a tendency to be so black and white right. We know what the hero is going through. We know what the villain doing. It's revealed in the end. There is some larger plan at play. You know whether it's a thriller and you. Oh she was guilty all along or that's where the gun was. This film makes you a member of the family and what i love about it. Is it also is paralleling. This story with coming into adulthood transitioning from being a child to an adult. Because there are complexities in that. Like things aren't as black and white when you're a kid there. There isn't gray. You know it's like i got the thing i wanted. I didn't get the thing i wanted. I'm happy i'm sad. And you know not to jump fully ahead. But that last image of the two girls standing at the edge of the water in this moment like it really is like this moment is forcing them out of being children into being adults. I think there's a really beautiful story there. And and maybe that's the the loss of that we all experience and not through this level. But that's what makes adult is not about how old we are. It's about You know what we've experienced. It's it's really about the ability to to examine in living the gray right and i like the idea of. He's talking about it in terms of film that's painted in grey because it does make it unusual among american films. I mean the idea that you could ever filmed. It's about possibly dad molesting his daughter in concrete at least being inappropriate with her and not have it be like so simple is wild like just on the face of it especially in a country like ours where we are very very strict about our moral code ito and where a moral code and things like that. It's pretty simple to have a film. That's what it is. It like is is wild as hell to be honest but that's life right. That is the way. And that is the world that we all live in right there. You know you can be two things. Sam jackson's the beautiful choice for this role because you want to like him. There is something about him that pulls you in. it's not. he's not a despicable. Personally i think about like you know these horror movies like the stepfather. And you know it's like you know they're evil or you know like you know that sweaty drunk. I love the way. Sam jackson plays drunk in this film. It's at the bar scene right before he gets shot You look at his eyes and he's not like oh he was drunk. He could have been incredibly drunk in that moment. Where this this moment happened. Did he mistake her for his wife because she has the same hair style. Like there's so many things at play and you can go on his side. You can go on her side there you know and i love to me to have that debate after you leave a film and i think that's what makes a film So much more provocative is that you must deal with it. You must unpack it after you finish watching it. Maybe that is the tennessee williams of this after all. Now that i'm thinking about it. Because this is a special. Sam jackson performance right because he's not just playing like the cool for school like bad guy or like the swamp. Funny hitman like. I don't think i've seen sam jackson get a role that is honestly this like sexy and glamorous and romantic interesting and flawed. He's this is almost like his best shot. At getting marlon brando stanley kowalski kind of character with that much raw sex appeal in that much danger.

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