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About he's covering the Oakland Raiders a few minutes more with, us here on can are tonight you mentioned Martavis Br Brian of. Course the whole new. Big receiving core for the Oakland Raiders Jordy Nelson, comes, over, from the Packers comment from car the other. Day saying that can't believe the Packers led Jordi go. What's what's that going like as far as the camaraderie or the the connections between them you always hear about this, stuff and Cam guys getting used to each other especially receivers. And quarterbacks what's it like, right now between Jordan. Martavis and. Maybe even some of the. Young guys Griff Whalen Marceau eight guys who trying to make. The team right now Yeah you, know Georgie is interesting is he is older you know the calendar says he's, older but when you. See him running in practice he doesn't look like an old guy looks like a fast guy he looks like you know quote unquote white lightning which it is Play the other day where. He was running, he faked, en, route, so he, lost Reggie Nelson And then boom just ran, right by the cornerback. On his way to long Garrison throwing balls but when he does. Very productive boom was I mean he just ran right by, the defensive back and when you see that you see a connection happening. There Derek in Amari of. Already had this connection. For a couple of. Years they need to rekindle Martavis Bryant is just huge he's unbelievably fat big, and then when you see how fast years that makes him even more fearsome. Those, three main guys Marcel. Eightman the, seventh round, draft pick from Oklahoma state he's he's opened a lot I grew I like He'd. Been eight Manali doesn't make. Plays and. You know To the past four days he. Was my play of the day for DSP dot com,.

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