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Yeah I it's. It's really hard to get out of that. It's really hard to get out now I mean. What you guys do is is way more intense than what football is, and and we do have downtime my downtime. I had got married when I was really young and had kids, and so that was like my downtime was my family, and making sure that I was always going to be with them, so we always stayed together. That was very important to me, but that wasn't everybody. Everybody has a different story and for you. How long have you been? Are you married. Not Right now, so go going through a divorce, but. I have two kids that are from my. Had Probably Young Twenty three twenty four so like you said I was going focused on that. You know that was my free time. WAS ONCE I? Had kids was it was focused on them? Does that work for you guys. Because when you do give free time. You're over there now. My wife's. Nephew he's, he's a doctor in the air force and he was over for six months, and he deploys different places, and I understand what it's like to try and hold your family together. has to be so difficult for you in the military. Yeah it is and I think for the Servicemember at least for me was easy, you compartmentalize. It'd probably be like. Hey, you're on third and ten a need this to win the game. Are you going well house my son doing arena. Oh, no, you're not. You're totally focused. Right to turn everything off and that's the same with us. Now is the time when maybe it's late at night or your back from a mission and hard, and you look at pictures, or you have a phone call now with technology. You know you facetime or skype or something but. For the most part you compartmentalized because any again, the you come out of that bubble, even if it's family, that's you're not mission focused, so it's. It's different when you're back, you know we're not always overseas, so you're you're you're back here and you're you know that's a little different? Because then it's a more. Say normal jobs, but at least you're home at nights most of the time. Yeah, no, and and did you find it hard to discuss things with your family like when you come back? I mean I know that a lot of times. People in the military have a tough time talking about what they've done I mean my wife's little brother was his somewhat like that, but he has a few drinks and we get them loosened up. He would he would. Not Talk about. All the stuff he did because he did two tours, and some of it was pretty bad and. He wouldn't talk about a lot of that, but you know just to try and get them to. Because, you're interested in his life. You know wasn't like Hey. I just want to hear this for story. I'm interested in you and I. Want to find out more about you so that we always stay connected. How does that for you in family life? Yeah, definitely and it's for me. It was I always felt when I went away. If I went overseas or something it was, I, was gonNA work trip. There was no different as a banker. so I wouldn't come back until I. still don't come back and talk about it. Probably didn't hit me until at one point, my son was probably seven or eight years old and he's. Only ever told them. Hey, go away to fight the bad guys. And then, and I was always like. Hey, Daddy's tough like you don't gotta worry. And then he's like well. Daddy. Don't the bad guys have guns? Aren't they tough to? And I was like Oh crap. You figured it out now like now. I have to play this whole different game, but yeah, it was. It's always a thing you know. What are you talk about what you not for me? Just I chose not to. now I'm more comfortable talking about back then I wouldn't WanNa talk anything. Even if I called home from overseas, so it was like how good day! Because you can't talk about you know because. Truthfully if you start telling your family member, what's going on? They're going to worry, too. In. You're trying to protect them and I understand they are they just WanNa know they want to help out, but again you go back to that bubble. Yeah. No, that's that's. That's really interesting. You say that because I. Felt like that so when when you go through this and you're in the military. Tell us a little bit about the steps it takes to get to be a green beret had a gentleman that I know that is a green beret that is. I have a French masters and he breeds. French masterson Minnesota's names Mark Roberts and von Krenz Kennels, but I've had a lot of conversations with him about this, so tell us about the steps when you first enter and what it takes to be a green beret. Well, at least you got a little small dogs that are gus I appreciate yeah. No so. Two ways now you can join off the street and attempt to go through our in our in the army. You could transfer from other services. Obviously. You complete basic training army, whatever your skill is, you gonNA airborne school so they. For three weeks they they pack three days at training to teach you how to jump out of a plane..

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