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Numbers After the Dow fell 1.9% 652 points yesterday Dow futures are up to 175 points Now 8 tenths of a percent S&P and NASDAQ futures are both up more than 1% Facebook whistleblower Francis haugen has testifying again today as Congress considers new accountability for tech companies She was calling for more regulation of the industry when it comes to antitrust privacy and the misinformation and lies that are amplified online Marketplaces Kimberly Adams with our sibling program marketplace tech spoke with Susan wojcicki the CEO of YouTube wojcicki told Kimberly the tech is already regulated in the U.S. and globally and urged lawmakers to be careful of unintended consequences It makes sense in many places but in other places could have a number of unintended consequences And we just want to make sure that as we work with regulators and it achieves what they are looking for as opposed to doing something that could be harmful ultimately to the creator ecosystem literally millions of small businesses that are creating content So it's a tricky balance Yeah what do you think of calls for more transparency to your algorithm itself or there's one piece of legislation that says users should be allowed to opt out of letting algorithms decide what they see So I think on transparency we are working to be more transparent and we are working to continue to give more visibility I would say that for regulators actually seeing the algorithm itself of course would be a very complex area and I don't think would achieve what most regular is want What would be most helpful is to talk about what are the end metrics that they would like us to optimize for You can hear the interview with YouTube CEO Susan wojcicki on the marketplace tech podcast Marketplace morning report is supported by health catalyst through data and analytics.

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