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Being down two sets to one and in a fourth set tiebreaker to knock off young lenard truth in 5 sets while 16 C Pablo carreno busto retires from his opening match after two sets. Others advancing to the second round include third seed Casper Ruud 9th sea Cameron nori and ten seated Yannick sinner. And the women drawn two seater neck on Tibet third seated on jabour and sent Emma raduta roll into the second round of street sets while 70 Danielle Collins is knocked down three cents. ESPN is reporting that the LA Lakers are the only team that is actively trying to acquire Brooklyn next guard Kyrie Irving in a signing trade deal. Brooklyn has been unwilling to give the 30 year old a long-term contract extension. And the schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports update. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business app. And at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business flash. So we had a little consolidation on Wall Street earlier in the end the NASDAQ was down 7 tenths of a percent. The S&P 500 gave back three tenths of a percent and the Dow Jones Industrial Average off two tenths of a percent. We're not seeing a lot of action in equity futures contracts this morning Hanks and index futures are down little down about 8 tenths of a percent. China futures only down a quarter of 1%. Right now, if you look at Australia and futures flat, nikkei futures at 26,000 745 and that compares to a close of 26 8 71, so a little bit of downward pressure today, but the gains were so big last week that if you're only giving back just a tad, it may still be music to the ears of bulls, we'll have to wait and see right now we've got, we've still got a lot of momentum in Chinese shares and in Hong Kong with tech shares, the tech index, up 4.7% yesterday, Alibaba rallied 3.7% and was up 6 and a quarter percent and although it wasn't too much action in the NASDAQ golden dragon index overnight, you'd have some individual shares of prominently companies like Baidu and Right now the dollar is a little bit weaker and no trading in treasury at the moment, the last deal on the ten year 3.19%. And that's a check of markets. Headline news with Ed Baxter in San Francisco. All right, Brian, thank you NATO is set to label China's systemic challenge in a strategic plan. G 7 wraps up statements to codify the indefinite time frame for help for Ukraine. U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan says high power defense systems are just about on their way to Ukraine. NATO's released a plan to boost the size of its high readiness force to 300,000. That effectively is a 7 fold increase. This is Russian missiles hit a shopping center at least ten are dead, two missiles hit Kyiv as well. Whether president Xi Jinping will attend in person the handover anniversary weekend this weekend is up still up in the air. Reports are saying that he will be there, but very well will go back to Shenzhen to sleep. January 6th committee is scheduled a new hearing for tomorrow to air some new video of Donald Trump and his family and the time frame leading up to the capital insurrection and the U.S. U.S. Supreme Court has backed a high school football coach who lost his job for conduct postgame conducting postgame prayers on the field and other move relaxing the separation of church and state. In San Francisco, I met Baxter this is Bloomberg, Rashad. Okay, getting back to guest Lorraine time, director of equity research at Morningstar getting her market taken. Lorraine, thanks for sticking around to give us a sense of, as we move into the second half, you know, will it be better for Asia? And what are you looking at in a more specific company, which companies you look at in particular? Yeah, I think first and foremost, because we do expect the worst of the China lockdowns to have been seen the second quarter, but obviously the issues is that it's still a bit choppy coming out of that over the next few months, but having said that, I think that's really a little bit of a bounce and that's being reflected currently in some recovery in the China issues. So to be to be selective, we're more keen on, as I mentioned, companies with economic modes. So we do have a few wide note rated companies that we particularly like because they're trading around half of their fair values submitted at the moment. So that includes names like TSMC, yum, China, and Tencent to name the street that are around half of their values set them off survey estimates for the next moment. So when you step back from China and look at the region more broadly, we're waiting for the retail sales figures for South Korea today. How do you view the region? Is everything that is developing on a positive note in China is that kind of having permutations outside of the country and to other regions? I think to some extent what we expect to see, let's say, if you've got a U.S. slowdown in 2023 in terms of growth, that's starting to happen. But you've got hopefully China coming up about its lockdowns and 2023, which we hope will act as a buffer to some of the other Asian countries activity levels. As you know, a lot of the growth is being was previously propelled by China demand. Obviously, with the rest of the world swing down, you're not probably not going to see China grow at such a strong pace. But it will be better than this year, let's say. So I think that would be a bit of a buffer. We just have interest rates coming up and some of the countries. But overall, I think that we're looking at general still sort of largely sort of activity levels stabilizing, probably not at this pace that we saw the past year with the coming out of lockdowns. But generally coming down to a more normalized activity level. All right, so it gives some names you like, possibly if you're comfortable doing that. It gives a sense of how you see how you look at this market as a stock picker. And you know how important is credit quality to you? Yeah. So I think the defensive issues have definitely up formed the past 6 months. We still think there's room in portfolios for them. So we're talking about dividend yielding companies. The two that we like there are companies like cheung Kong infrastructure holdings, TKI holdings, ST engineering in Singapore. A very stable capital flows, I mean, dividend flows and we expect STE to also benefit from a recovery and air travel, given that they do a lot of maintenance work for airlines. The other go ahead, I'm sorry to interrupt, continue. Yeah. But in terms of where we're seeing the biggest discount is in the sectors that I mentioned that were over so basically consumer discussion like the ecommerce name set happened rebounding recently. Tencent's obviously got some overhang with some share sales ongoing, but we think weakness there is an opportunity to pick up. And again, we still like to use them to seek for its ability to what we think could support its margins going forward as well. So very quickly in about 30 seconds, when you mentioned margins there and I'm wondering, given the fact that we may continue to see a little bit of margin pressure at least in the near term, are there areas of the market that you are avoiding at all cost? Okay, so obviously where we see where there's less value, for example, so we've got companies that maybe a staple space that will gradually be able to pass that on, but they're still going to be a little bit of pressure. There's we think that some of the consumer consumer electronics related areas are going to face both top line and potentially margin pressure as well as global

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