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This offer available to anyone who has saved at least two hundred thousand dollars for retirement usually do three or four hundred thousand but at least two hundred thousand dollars dedicated for retirement, we're going to make this offer for you. And we do have strategies in our private wealth division. If you have over a million dollars, we could add even more strategies on top of that for you. So at least two hundred thousand dollars if you call us right now we're gonna custom designed for you, an easy to understand financial review. Now, this review will indicate if you're in need of a full-blown retirement plan now keep in mind is no obligation or cost for this initial review to all callers who have at least two hundred thousand dollars safe for and dedicated for retirement. So if you meet that easy qualification, here's what you can expect. Now, I we're going to run a forensic fee analysis. Now, this helps you untangle what it's costing to work with your current plan or adviser will also help you those financial terms. Writes those things that are existing in your portfolio that are eating your future live without even seeing them. We've got to show you how to protect your investments and keep more of your money in your account spokes that's where you want he belongs so that forensic analysis is vital, especially if you're not really sure what's going on your current plan, and the next, we're gonna perform a tax analysis. This is show you how you could possibly reduce your taxes. And if you do that, folks, you do one thing, that's very important to coach, you increase your personal cash flow for today, and for the future, but fine, we're going to create a customized lifetime income plan. Now this uses proven strategies and techniques, and if done right, this could turbo charge a retirement income, and most importantly, take that Woori out of retirement. So call right now. If you are one of the next fifteen people who call with at least two hundred thousand dollars saved for retirement. Toughest fantastic offer I usually wait till later in the show to make it make it right now for people that are paid attention and joins us right on time. You know, the first step really, is to sit down with the financial coach if something that we're talking about on the show today resonates with you, and you fill the need. To just get that second opinion. Or if you want to make sure your plan really is aligned with your goals, and very important risk tolerance that we talk about TD and the.

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