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Group violated human rights policy and the iowa civil rights act so to be clear beat the christian club has certain rules and regulations for leaders and you have to i would assume you would have to be a christian yeah and the university's saying that it is you can't do that you can't require your leader to be a christian yeah which is interesting because it actually goes against the university policy they have a policy that any organization and they have over five hundred student organizations on campus can require their leaders and members to adhere to certain believe so if it was a feminist group you can require the people to be feminists in your in your club if it's a pro life group you can require them to have pro life views and this group is going above and beyond because they will let anybody be a member they don't have to follow the rules they're just asking for their leadership and so the school's policy is that uh they can do that for their members to but they decided not to they wanted to give anybody but end that's how that student came in and he can play london so that's how that happened they still hesitating fascinating i don't understand though because a christian belief how are they supposed to turn their back on their beliefs and if that's their open belief than what's the problem yeah exactly and i think that's why they i think they have a pretty good case we'll see how it how it plays out there being represented by the beckett fun for religious liberty and they have a really good track record of of the cases that they take in the spokesman uh the talk to me uh eric baxter he told me that this is unfair illegal and unconstitutional and judging from how they treat other organizations on campus i think uh i think they have a good case but it it which ought to be liked i suppose uh forcing the pita chapter on campus to uh to to pick a a a barbecue expert as they.

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