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My we'll get your phone calls best emerge the weekend as we always do raymonda jim who called the steelers patriots' game yesterday cbs with tony romo join us coming up next hour mike pereira fox sports nfl rules analyst former vice president of officiating mike joins us this morning i mike how are you i'm good dan how are you i'm doing okay is there anything to talk about uh only the fact that i have another job per year the kind of yesterday keeps me employed aren't you glad that you're not the vice president of officiating anymore no i got that's my ripe paper word is former former okay what did you see what the jesse james catch noncash well i saw incomplete immediately when i saw the first replay we were all sitting in air in the studios in los angeles and myself theme blind dino our staff when we saw the first replay we said incomplete and um we knew which is going to be a matter of time before replay actually initiated the review and then made the decision here's the notion and i've been obviously follow and social media and listen to what people are saying about me but all of the reasons that people are using to say it is a catch that the knee was down that he turned up field that he lunged to forward touchdown that he reached for a touchdown all of those who are out the window all of those get trumped by going to the ground so you have to hold when you're going to the ground you can turn a field you can do all that stuff but as with dez bryant a couple of years ago you a must.

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