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The show must go on. It's a whisper. It's a whispering in a special phone on Lee. I can hear it ringing. That doesn't mean we can't talk about it later. Oh, my goodness, the with before each show Nana Egans. Little bogus. Hello, Tom. Lou. Hello, show mates. I do your funny, um Natural. I don't know why That's so Larry. But I do it by the very funny I've got some news. You guys tell me it's good news or bad news. So Laurie and IRS sitting outside of our hovel in our front yard yesterday. And the palatial mansion that towers above us. With many, many decks and in an incredible view. Um two people emerge on on to the top deck. I'm obviously attending because the houses for rent and I'm hoping that NBA players gonna move in there and a guy goes. Hi, guys. You know I'm what was his name? I'm Asperger. I'm angler. I was a very interesting stranger. Had, but he's clearly not an NBA player. He is probably shorter than I am. It's hard to tell from the deck. And that is when I learned that I will not be neighbors with it with an NBA player. Would you like not Tom? You know it is bogus. Would you like to have I told you that it is no. Are you take a guess? And I'm gonna tell you who didn't become my neighbor who missed the chance. Be my best friend. Replace you. Tom is my brother and my best friend. So you said MBA player Good NBA player on the Clippers ornery It couldn't have been DeMarcus cousins because He was, you know, easily temporary. Possibly. I'm going to say I'm going to swing for the fence and say was, Kalai unfortunately, was raised on Rondo could have we could have the best friends. When you would have been too Oh, it would have been beautiful. Sort of Actually honest of couples. I called several people who know him. You like jokes aside, I was like, Should I tell this guy like this poor guy? Because I would have talked about it all the time of the show, And he would've found out And I'm sure that we've been super awkward. Like I'm not gonna not talk about my you know that. And the guys that I talked to said now you should just you should run with it. I go, boy. What's he like? An interesting look, I don't I don't call sources and be like, Hey, tell me what this guy's like. Is a father right? When I was like, what would he be like as a neighbor and they go. He's a great guy way his ornery and he's difficult in these intense they go. He's a great guy that one guys like you actually might become a good friend of the guy because he's a great normal guy away from From from work. That's right. No, we could have had forever. Yes. You know, I'm really bumped. I mean, I was bummed for the show before, but I figured, you know. Might be less drama in the neighborhood this way, so might be better for the home life. But now I'm just now it just seems like a loss across the board. The only thing is, if he's a great guy away from the job, But you know on the job is intense. Once he hears I'm talking about on the radio that might make him feel like Oh, my God. This jerk brought the job to my house. And the part of the job is the media that I hate. I think it could have gone Either way he could have gone the way it's going with me and bogus, which is this deep friendship that transcends time. It also could have gone the opposite direction..

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