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Way more often than not in the privacy of your own home Eiji printers jamming repeatedly or not being able to reach an actual operator after punching numbers into com ads automated voice system repeatedly or pretty much anything that happens repeatedly unsuccessful repetition of any kind has resulted in shouting occasionally regarded by others as delusion all at least with regard to who she thinks will date her whether they're twenty five or possibly a movie star has an obsession with buying three books for everyone read a tendency to believe that large numbers of candles slash office supplies slash antique clocks slash Valentine's slash photos slash toys will result in some sort of self improvement and a serious television addiction more accurately the television is usually on if she isn't anyway awake whether or not it's being paid attention to however there is generally and simultaneously a laptop in her lap any one of the six books slash magazines slash journal she's usually reading at one time in her lap and art slash textiles slash beads slash yarn related project in her lap dinner or a snack food somewhere near her loud not nearly often enough is there anything warm and lifelike in or near her loud could easily be persuaded to turn off the television in order to fully participate if pleasurable lap oriented activity seemed imminent.

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