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You i were out there guess that you're is the perfect game that was the us open in a limp the club that'll my my vet okay but i remember watching vj sing was going up against a stewart cink in a big match and they teed off and they started walking down the fairway together and they were just yuck in it up and i was like you know what they free can live next to each other and ponte vedra beach florida and i remember roofing in my alkam like you know we're looking for high level competition we got two guys walking down the court fairway asking hey man i gotta leave 10x next can can you feed by dog right in our main where's the rivalry blood i mean is you wait the point being where's harbaugh slapping chen war sourly this picking of teams is probably all fall either all on the same kind of way to turn off for me now yeah what some of it i kid is hugely interested in it so i'm sure the younger generation enjoying the nba right now they love and i think this is great now that said i'll add a little a little spice and don't forget chris paul mocking steve kerr with the fake laugh you know what i mean with cristobal either make the if you didn't deserve to he didn't deserve to that would james harden said james harden said he deserves to go and by the way is there is the nfl skills challenge this week is that i can't confirm that hit his toenails dan it's really weird they've got some like all of member how they have the flag football in the sand a couple of years do disastrous when georgia running back our jim guarantor tories need but they're gonna have all kinds of like strange events yeah wanted her on through tires the like that no no no i think it's even funny or than that i think they're gonna be playing tether ball and whatnot tether ball patrick can we get.

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