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Welcome to another week of de things just bought it the podcast where we talk about what we just bought and what we want you to buy next. Today I am joined by Marissa Mullen. You might know her on instagram. As that she's played or cheese by numbers am I saying yes. Is it play class that she's class have class instagram accounts? Now you're literally monopolizing the cheese. We're all on instagram. Which I really appreciate. You definitely know her. Probably because all combined you have almost half a million followers you've seen her pretty piece Plates of cheese and the funny thing is that this is the first time we're talking but we have known each other forever because Marissa's dad and my uncle. Tom Are like best friends from college. They're like brothers. Basically like my dad's bff hundred percent is my uncle Tom. I have heard so many stories most of them. Unable to repeat here there's probably a statute of limitations on some crimes. They've committed that are still. That's still not up. So I want to protect their innocence but mostly because I think like a few years ago I was telling you that my aunt was like oh you should get in touch with moon's daughter and like talk to her about like building instagram brand and then like we never really got in touch. But later I came across Marissa's account and I'm like I don't think she needs my help. Thinks she's doing really well. m maybe. I'LL ASK CHIEF PLATES. Does a great service to all of us cheese plates. I feel lake are the one thing I can do. 'cause I'm not a chef but I can I can artfully arranged. That's where my like upper echelon limit of cooking talent is You have a book out. So the book is called. That chiefs played will change your life and it is fifty different cheese plates with step by step instructions so as you mentioned earlier. Cheese by numbers is my other instagram. So that's the method that I coined building the perfect chiefs play and this method basically takes a paint by number map but replace that with cheese and then the numbers instead of colors are items on the place so it makes it super easy to build. It's really accessible a lot of fun. Different themes Balti- now genius truly genius. None of my g's plates have ever looked as good as yours. But I definitely have gotten the inspiration from you just to like pile things on the plate and make sure yeah and we'll just like and also just different kinds of foods like here's crackers potato chips. Here's veggies. Here's this here's that and somehow it looks incredible at the end and I can only imagine how much more I will upgrade myself with cheese by numbers. So I'm stoked for your buck. All these cheese plates like intended for parties or can I just make a cheesecake for myself multiple times. So there's a ton of different Sized CHEESE PLATES IN HERE in here. I'm holding it. Sorry yes only. It's so pretty. It's so pretty. Yeah that she's plate will change your life. It's really pretty. That can't see. I'm looking at sorry you guys go by. You'll see it. Because linked to it the show notes. Who took the photography for your buck? So I did all the photos with my iphone in my kitchen. You know that's Pretty Ballsy. Move but Apparently the newest iphone has high enough resolution on their photos that it could be printed in book and I actually have a background in photography. It was a hobby of mine in high school and I have all these different types of cameras but to be honest iphone was just the easiest to organize capture photos. Edit them all at one place I figured why not just take the photos myself and see if it works then worked out so I have to tell you. You're giving a little too much credit to the iphone because I also have the whatever iphone with the three lenses and I don't take book like pick. I don't take pictures books like you need the natural light. It's just natural light. Though in two thousand fourteen. I was in college. I made this instagram. Because my friends and I would make cheese plates together in our free time trying to act like we're adults INA way Internet the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon and then after I graduated actually worked at the late show. Stephen Colbert so not cheese. Related whatsoever But I still had this kind of passion project. Which was that? She's play on the side as I was working in the music industry and then I launched my first cheese workshop so it's called that cheese class and essentially it's almost like pants class where you you come in There's this whole grazing table. Set up in the cheese by numbers order so the numbers order Step one is cheese right to meet YUP DEPTH. Three produce stepped for is crunchy item. Step five dip step sixes garnish so the six steps And I I basically like curated this space where it's at the bars called lowest niece village and Phoebe who's a friend of mine is a CO owner of it. So we teamed up to do the very first event in the fall of two thousand eighteen and it was just so much fun. Because you come in. Everyone has their personal place setting with a slate in a tote bag and then we go through a really in depth cheese education. Phoebe used to be the director of a cheese at Bedford. Cheese it yeah you do some wine pairings. And they teach everyone how to make chiefs plate and then take a photo of it. So it's like the the best like little to our lot genius business idea. I'm right there with you in that when I tried selling my first the first book proposal that I came out with like eight years ago everyone flat out rejected it. And you it sucks. You have this idea in your head you're pumped about at your agent is pumped about it and no one else is it and and what they will say and. I'm assuming that because you're set you're saying things that I remember being said to me at the time was right. Exactly it's like. Oh you have to go like WHO's your audience. Who's going to buy this like we need to know and it's like it's social media's great but it also kind of sucks because now if you want to sell something you have to have already like. It's like a chicken or egg thing it's like well. How do you want me to get two hundred thousand dollars without like a book? How do you want me to get a book tournament? It just goes on forever but this is I mean you're making it sound so easy but like I think it's like a really great way for people who are really interested in learning how to like kind of go from hobby to making a living off of something like your trajectory over. I guess since two thousand fourteen six years is it took a while. Take your I`ll. It has to be more than entities last October night at all overnight so I I started populating cheese by number is with these To build postal. Basically if you go to choose by numbers you can find a cheese. Play that is built on that play. By numbers breaks it down slide by slide so each side is a step in the cheese by numbers process. Yeah and I did this because my illustrator just couldn't illustrate all the cheese plates making 'cause I'd like. Can you do another another? She's like I also worked at the late. Show all right the one in November of so. This was November twenty. Seventeen that choose. It was probably about at like forty thousand followers at this point by numbers. I was kind of directing people there as like step by step account thous- probably at like five thousand and I got an email from the Rachel Ray Show and they're like hey. We found cheese by numbers. We love to have you on the show and I was like we're not that chiefs played like the bigger lawn. No cheese by numbers. I can't talk about two cheese accounts. It's too confusing like okay. I Gone Rachel Right. In December of twenty seventeen She talks all about the cheese numbers. Method or sorry. This is twenty eighteen. I'm getting my years up. Talks about the cheese. By numbers method overnight. It blows up to like twenty thousand dollars. I'm like okay now actually do have cheap to chiefs played accounts that I need to keep together somehow like. Do you patent cheese by numbers like is that do you own that? I have the trademark right. Yeah trademark trademark. Yeah like invented numbers but okay so you trademarked. She's did the smart thing. Yeah so this is like towards the end of twenty eight T in high with my job. I was already there for almost four years. I was kind of hitting a wall where I wanted to grow within the company but there was really nowhere to go. It was just like I was in that transitional phase anyways when all this started to pick up so Once twenty nineteen happened in the New Year in January the today show reached out because they saw Rachel ratio. I didn't article with box magazine. And then from there like press just kind of flooded in and random house out of nowhere sent me an email and says hey. Did you ever think to do a book with this Concept Jackson? Yes I love to. I have thought about that. Actually that is an amazing story and also just kind of makes me want cheese very badly. We're GONNA take a quick break and we'll be right back because I cannot wait to see what you brought. Okay we're back This has given me. This is making me. Think so much about like my own instagram account. My the one for this podcast where I'm like so reluctant to show my face just because like in my my deep darkest dumbest fears are like. Oh like everyone from high school is like making fun of you but like that's actually not true because no one from high school gives a shit and and no one gives a shit like. I don't think of that when I see anyone else's account I mean like it's truly dengue which I would hope so. Yeah it's still Gulnara Ball. It's like you're putting yourself out there and being like here's me here my ideas hello like it. You're putting yourself out there to be judged automatically what my mom always says. 'cause. I'm always like well. What if someone writes a bad review about the book? She's like not everyone's GonNa like you. I'm like yeah I know what you're right and that's cool like something that matters. Whatever you know you you've already found audience that loves you. You will find an audience that get set when we came out with. Hey ladies it was the same thing Michelle and I would like. Everyone was like. Don't read the reviews but every night Michelle and I would read..

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