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Like the la guys doing all the promo podcasts and merge during and then the new york is where like flocked that. Yeah it's like it's always been easy resentment. You wanna hold onto some of that. New york risen. Well it's not just grit. It's like you at the end of the day when you're sitting around the table at the comedy cellar or wherever you go. You got colin quinn. You got louis c. k. You got all the old due to been doing it forever and a lot of guys you haven't heard of that are murderers like rare. Barnes is a fuck and murderer. Those guys so what happens is the they'll let you know you know what i mean. If you start getting the. I dunno bridges. Yeah and also just a little too. It's almost like like so so you'll see some people who can really good song and there are tricks and hoax and rhymes to it. And it's real commercial then see. Somebody's doing something different with music. And that's that you're always expected to keep it that way. Sure i guess. But i think there's some to it because like you can be a grinder you can be that come comic and then still also update with time because i was in heart. Sure schultz getting some saying. Need both have you absolutely otherwise you are. That's exactly rather was just replaying. Yeah you're gonna crush the you know the seller store but all right not iran respect from everybody. But it's like. I think the one thing that that i've always struggled with as you know it's just the fact that a huge part of your job is figuring out how to promote how to be relevant. Yeah yeah and i have trouble hate and you. It's i like you do pretty good. I try not to do. Which is the word is like authentic to you. It's like it's shane. That's way. Shane would promote. Yes because now. It's a youtube special. So i i if. I put spot house like shane. Tell us about your special. You gotta. I'm going to give you argue twenty-second especially specialist like a news station. Imagine have you did like real pro. Nazi covert yet like real press. Doing it like fake questions to right. They you ever had that where they go. Give us some leading questions. You can do some bits nightmare to joke. Give people a taste. And i'm like why my sister does heroin. I i stopped doing it because you. You got tougher. Get inside that. Do you get on stage. Own jokes go. What's the it's all gonna be the octagon. That's going to be the scariest thing of fucking world. They're both scary man brutal. I want one thing about him. Is i remember i. I felt bad. I didn't we're in seattle and it was like eighteen hundred people in a in a theater we were doing. You're doing we're doing live. Podcast and brennan had zero experience in front of people zero. And but he was like. Let's do live podcast. So so i i remember i kind of like you're going to go out i'm gonna be. I'm gonna pretend to be late. You're going to go out and tell a story and you're gonna be alone on stage and i kind of just pushed him out there and he was like he did like you. Did a couple breathing exercises that you learned from navy seals and you just go out there and did really well and then i remember. I was like i shouldn't have done that to you. I shouldn't have. That's a fucking big thing because if you've never done that that's that's a disaster that's tariff. So he did great and in a later on. We're talking to your like. I've been getting out there in my underwear against monsters and they lock cage. You gotta come out and you could die. I think once you face that it's a it's you know it's just got you ready ready especially like jumping into the deepen. Get you ready to go. You skipped opened my talking about with other disgruntled comics. Doing fourteen hundred people fucking sold out shows. Superbeets crazy yeah. I always said that when you can't say that was very different for you. I you've been podcast time you you just came you come up in the philly scene. And then go to your. Yeah yeah so it was. I didn't do. I didn't do the mike's in new york ever. So that was. That was kind of an interesting way to do it. Most people you moved to new york and have to work your way up already like as soda and j where already taken me on the road and using me. I waited a long time big a long time. Before i moved i moved. I moved to new york like two years ago three years ago. Philip just silly for your home club. There was the helium. Yeah it's great. I love that fucking. God is fucking amazing so you were just going around there and then you go on. Where'd you meet big in At he'll featured for. Oh damn yeah. I like soda. Took me on. The road and jay took me denver. Boy man. I guess club book club book got it now now. I don't know if you know this. But i'm going to do denver coming up here and you've got to be vaccinated or show your proof of negative cova test the first time i know. I'm saying the crowd does. Yeah i didn't know that you'll pricey at a. That's the first time i've seen. I've dealt with it i deal with previously. You'll just what it is. You see about a five to ten percent. Drop off on pills. Okay yeah because people denver's like eighty five nine percent vaccines so Really dicey but then you gotta show basically proof on your phone. How they're doing. There's no like system like i saw that yesterday. I was gonna make a thing about it. But i don't know it's interesting. They have code. That you can scan chill vaccine thing. I'm pretty sure you argo in denver. They take your phone like you know endebted. Were such a nice because it focuses the audience. It's amazing yeah. I mean i'm not that addictive people. We'll have friends who are just in day off on the road and they're like justice on their phone like did you. You'll be doing stamp in iraq. You're on the beach. And san diego to give the kids when you have kids if you have a thirteen year old daughter. She's on her phone. She's talk.

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