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Today I'm taking you back to nineteen seventy seven and the moments when the first magnetic resonance scan of a human torso was attempted breakthrough in a worldwide effort to develop the. Revolutionary machines we now know as MRI is now doctors will have to learn to look at the body in a completely, new way and the reason a dramatic new way of seeing inside living matter without. Using rays while we put, Larry in we've got a signal immediately from his heart and, I said. Holy smokes it's actually going. To work that's the voice of Dr Raymond dominion who together with two of his students built the first nuclear magnetic, resonance machine large enough to contain the whole human, body technique which would form the basis for all modern MRI scanners is technique depends on two facts that our buddies a made up Water and that water. Molecules. React when subjected to a strong magnetic field is one, of the most exciting. Medical breakthroughs for years because gives inside information in detail never possible before Dr to median I heard about magnetic resonance when he was trying to investigate the chemistry inside cells I get. A call from a well-known visits named Dr Freeman cope he says I'm using this new technology and you can put the, sample inside of a magnet and you get the signal and you get the chemistry. Right away at the heart, of each hydrogen atom in the water of the body is, a proton. An electrically charged particle when..

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