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Westside, Jeff like, Debbie, Debbie. Thanks for the note. Dem's are going to win the governor's races. Therefore redistricting will be more fairly decided, by the way. Stop stop spreading the Trumpcare vein lines. Thank you, Debbie for your for your input there. Appreciate very much. I'm not spreading and Trump lines as much as just my opinion. That's just my opinion. That's not Trump talk. It's my opinion. And my opinion is I think you're right that a lot of governors racist will sway towards democratic candidates and Wednesday morning. We're going to hear about a Blue Wave and the Blue Wave will be based off of a win in the state houses in the governor's races and state legislatures more than anything the dams are going to pick up seats in the United States house of representatives some probably win back the houses. My thought I think the Republicans hold the Senate. But what happened eight years ago is the most significant factor, and that is two thousand ten which was Obama's first midterm year. It was a historic win for Republicans across the country in the Senate and the house in state houses and legislatures. The Republicans have not held that many seats across the country, especially in states that they've ever held before. Like, they did when they won two thousand ten so purely by exposure purposes, the Republicans are poised to lose in this election because a lot of those Republicans are term limited and you have open races. And the governor's races are really important because whoever wins the governor's races will be in line for redrawing congressional districts in twenty twenty one. So remember, whoever wins the governorships across the country come Tuesday that that party is going to be. Heavily influential in redrawing district blinds, Debbie, I disagree with you. I don't think it's going to be more fair. I think it'd be more democratic, and I think that my opinion is I think redistricting. You just got to redraw lines was sensibility. And I think in the way we have this two party system. I just don't see that happening. So I think he got a redesign how that happens. But I don't think we're going to see that. So my take is three things to watch on Tuesday night, the Senate, I think the Senate state Republican you could have spent the primary a billion dollar spent on Senate races across this country in the net gain could be flat. Think about that a billion dollars or so spent an advertising the Senate races in the game could be zero the house of representatives. I think flips again two thousand ten we lost sixty three seats. The Democrats did lost sixty three seats and that midterm election. The first one under President Obama. They're going to lose some this this coming Tuesday, and it's purely because of exposure when you have as many Republicans who have. Have retired as we've had. You're just gonna flip some seats. But to me the governor's races are the ones to watch. And part of that is because they're going to be redrawn district lines, and that's going to be real interesting. Here's the other thing. That's interesting right now, this is the Sunday before election in the Sunday before election day every candidate it's running for election is out canvassing. The state many of them are in their cars and their vehicles and they're going door to door and they're knocking on doors and they're asking for your vote. Every one of them is out there today. There's not one of them that isn't because they're asking for your vote and many of them have this radio station on and are listening. The one thing that I still think about is the fact that voters the one message, I think is clear voters historically have said I want to be heard I want you to hear me, I want you to know, my thoughts, and my feelings. So I'd love to hear from you. If you've got a question. You've got a specific thought if you'd like to if you had two minutes with one of these people running for office. What would you ask them? What would you say to them? What would you tell them about you? And what you want out of your government. I'd love to hear from you eight to one WTVN eight two one nine eight eight six again, if you had two minutes, what would you say? Because remember the guys running for governor throughout out crisscrossing the state right now, they're knocking on doors earlier today. Mike dewine was in Cleveland. I think he's heading back towards Columbus area. Richard cordray was here in Columbus. I think this morning guys running for Senate are done the same guys running for the house and the state house are doing the same many of them listen to this radio station. So if you've got a thought, if you've got a comment if you wanna be heard I'd love to hear from you. What is it? You'd like to say you got two minutes in the car. You got two minutes with a candidate who's. Running for office. What would you say to him at eight to one WTVN the t two one nine hundred six here's another fraught. Another thought for you on the President Trump presidency on Friday. We got economic news and the bureau labor statistics reported that a Tober jobs were up two hundred and fifty thousand jobs unemployment is at three point seven. We haven't seen those numbers since nineteen sixty nine. Wages for workers are up three point one percent. That's a nine year high. We haven't seen those kinds of gains economically for a long time and the Trump tax plan that passed in December and took effect in February has fueled the economic growth across our country and with job growth in wage increase. You get more tax payers and more revenue. Now, the Trump tax plan is the foundation of this president as well as border security, hence, why the president is sending troops to the southern borders to fight back the seven thousand migrants headed towards the United States now when it comes to money, I hearken back to.

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