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Sticky hands back here. First things first time for stores to start your morning sponsored by ramtruck built to serve our brandon. Marshall this is how we close out friday. why receivers we're talking about the best wider savers in the game. Today that after executives until scouts players they name the top ten pass catchers in the game right now star studded list starts with check this out. Davante adams andrea hopkins. Then you've got stefan digs. Kill coolio your top five. Bottom five as keenan allen. Mike evans michael thomas de que. Metcalf and aj brown lotta guys made the list of did not so brandon our our number one receiver. Your biggest choice from this woman. Come on friday. we're supposed to be feeling. It's friday was supposed to be chilly. You know don't like lists and you know i don't like doing this with the wide receivers because we're sensitive. Why would you do this to me on a friday today. Because you're going to force me then. Lend your rearrange that a little bit. Here's the deal. Nick when you look at why receivers right. It's like almost impossible. There's ten guys here. But where's just in jefferson. Where's adam deland where you at other guys to this list. It's hard. I feel like they got an almost right for me. I'm a focus on one. Two and three. And i'm gonna i'm gonna go. I'm going to look at the guys that should be beating one on one jalen ramsey. Probably the best defense a back in the national football league so all of these guys on the list. I wanna see what you do against him. Fifty rips fifty plays in a game. What are you going to do. The number one god. It's always underrated as always overlooked. Is the andre hopkins. The audrey hopkins has been playing at high level since day. One with any quarterback you guys know him with the shawn watson but think about who he had before he's been getting it done and even now still getting it done in his first year in this dude that you could put backside. Hell jalen ramsey said. He's the toughest that he has to go against. Because of its catch radius and how strong his hands is. But sometimes it's like. Oh he's not the fastest. He's not the quickest. So we're not gonna put them in that conversation. But i'm you right now. You can line them up on the backside of the fill in when he's covered he's not covered and then a number two guy. We gotta put adams up there. Adams is a guy that complain. Slot play to the whiteside. You can play to the to the short side you most of them you can do so many things route running ability feet. Oh my goodness he has the sweet science down to a t. He is a playmaker. He's a guy that could go for two thousand yards. Aaron rodgers that do deserves the be right up there. And then steph on big steph on digs. Oh my goodness stop and start. It's just ridiculous. I don't see anybody getting out of his breaks way he do. He can run any route. Any tweaks it. Nobody runs rows like steph on digs. He's considered a little do but he plays bigger than anybody in the nfl. This dude is tough. I love savviness. I love this nasty. He is a winner. While so look. I hate these lists. Because you're gonna throw so many people up there but you gotta start with the laundry hopkins. Who's always underrated and overlooked all right. You've got a big heart. We know you wanna put every wide receiver and some college wide receivers on the top ten list. So we're going to try to keep this just to graphics issue. It's not it's not a you issue. It's just a graphics as you jumps out to. Me brand is pretty obvious ryan. Danielle should feel really happy. I could make an argument that you know if we talked about Pass catchers mahomes should also be happy. Because he's got travis kelsey or travis kells. Perhaps we're not quite sure anti re kill on there. We know that tannahill got julio in. Aj brown there and then also sort of like in this spectre stiff. Arming people trying to get on the list like dude. It's not a running backs was is derrick henry. How good do you think ryan tannehill perform performance going to be now that he has so many weapons. While i'm so glad you you're highlighting that this should be the most explosive offense in the national football league now in your words not in touchdowns but talking about unstoppable. They should be able to make plays whenever they want to. Why because they have offense align really good offense align they have a run game the best running back in the game right now the toughest running back in the game right now. So what does that mean. It's all about numbers. Okay if you wanna put eight in the box. Guess who julio jones on the backside eight brown of frontside so it's one on one baby now you've got to lean that safety rock and roll. Put that safety over to the y. You got julio jones. And i can do whatever i want so ryan tannehill just has to look at the numbers and take advantage if you wanna put a in a box and stop the run. That's fine we've got three rows we can be torn you guys hear me talking about it over and over and over again slann nonstopping back shoulder to go ball like that's all you gotta do and if you want to say you know what let me play cover to let me play coverage. Let me double guys. Now you're talking about the biggest holes with the best running back in these really good offensive line. You can't stop these guys so ryan tannehill. He should have an excellent year. Just managing the system. Yes it can. We put that top ten backup. I there's a lot of things i want to discuss here. But something while listening to you guys talking. Listen to brandon's top receivers list. And i are de'andre number one devante adams number two and stuff on digs three and then i heard you guys on about titans in their weapons and just what i was thinking about these man. Think about how. Good patrick mahomes would be if he had that type of help. That aaron rodgers. That josh allen that ryan tannehill have because like i mean. Just think about it like last year. Homes finishes third in the mvp voting behind rodgers behind josh allen. Those guys and now in the afc. So i don't want to hear next year. Oh he's got this great system not look around the afc. He doesn't have one of the top two receivers. The titans can have an unstoppable offense so if the teachers are it must yeah. He's informed but he's not he's not at five and ten with their againry and he's not to war three with adams and digs so. I'm just saying the jeeves have a really good offense. It must just because patrick mahomes. That first point second point is that we were talking about earlier is who somehow aren't in the top ten and we set out them deal and we set odell. Wilde's mentioned alan robertson brandon mention justin jefferson. Now we're at fourteen guys which does speak to the deborah of the receiver position but then it occurred me. Wait there's somebody. We're forgetting. That somehow was not in the top ten and didn't even occur to us as a snub and amari cooper and the reason i bring that up is when.

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